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Stowe & Smugglers Notch

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With RT-108 closed during the winter, are there any shuttles or other routes between Stowe and Smuggs without going all the way out and around on 100 & 15?

Also I've heard rumors that there are actually trails in the back country between the two resorts, is there any truth to this?
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There are no shuttles...the road is closed.

It is easy to hike across from the top of Spruce to the top of Smuggs (less than 10min.) The unfortunate thing is the areas do NOT cooperate with tickets any more, you'll have a hard time getting back.
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Thanks, is the hike visually obvious from Stowe?
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I did it about 10 years ago when Stowe would give you a free ride back to the top of Spruce with your Smuggs ticket. If I can do it, I guarantee that anybody reading this forum won't find it too challenging. Since the Sensation quad, which goes back to the summit of Spruce, doesn't go all the way to the Spruce base, there may not be anyone checking tickets there. However, the Sensation quad doesn't go quite as high up as the old lift did, so there will be some uphill. And if you can't get on the lift, it's a long hitch back to Smuggs (or vice-versa).
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