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Tecnica Diable Flame... Which Liner?

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Hey Y'all,

Newbie to skiing from Georgia. I wish I could but I don't ski a whole lot. I get to go skiing about twice a year. The sport has really grown on me. I've been on three ski trips total. I think I've picked it up quite well. I played hockey growing up in Pennsylvania (Moved to GA in 86'). Was able to ski the Blacks at Breck the second day. Not sure what kind of indicator that is.

That being said rental boots killed me. I was advised if anything, get your own boots. I have tried on the Lange Comp 100, Salomon X-wave 10 (I think) and Tecnica Diablo Flame. I have settled on the Tecnica Flame. There are two shops in my area. One has the Flame with the Ultra Fit2 liner and the other has it with the HotForm liner.

I can get the boot with the HotForm for $349. The shop with the Ultra is listed at $449 but said they would price match.

Which liner would you all recommend.

In case you need to know...
I am 6' 3", 210lbs. I consider myself very athletic. I have very high calf muscles. Narrow feet as well.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

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For the same price, get the Hotform.
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Are there any advantages or disadvantages to either liner? Are they the same liner with one having an added option of hotforming?

I would assume since the Flame with the HotForm is more expensive on the factory website that liner would be an upgrade to the Ultra.

In my quest to find the perfect boot I have had many boot fitters tell me not to look at price. The more expensive boot might not be right for my foot. But seeing as the shells in this case are the same the HotForm makes more sense.

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I have had experience with both in recent Tecnica boots and have to say I was not impressed with the HotForm liners; they never really "broke in" like a traditional liner. That is they never began to feel better around your foot as I got more ski days on the boots. The best benefit was that they made it easy to preheat your boots before heading out.

On a bootfitting note, I was surprised to see you say you have narrow feet and opted for what I would consider a wider boot. I would advise you to get connected with a good bootfitter maybe better yet one that is at the resorts you plan to ski since it will make it easier to make adjustments in real time than suffering through a trip and then getting help back home.
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I had the Hotform liners in my Icon ALU Comps. The liner was warm and not too cushy. The best feature was being able to plug them in to dry and warm.

Tecnica's tend to fit wider feet. I think you may be better off in a Lange, if you have narrow feet. Not being a bootfitter, I can't say for sure. But I do know that I can get my wide feet in a Tecnica, but not into a Lange. The liners will pack out, so the boot that is comfortable in the store will end up being too big.
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I actually tried the Lange Comp 100 at Peter Glenn in Atlanta. I went down the street to another local shop and tried the Tecnica. The Lange actually felt wider after I had tried the Tecnica.

Isn't it correct that the more performance oriented the boot gets the more narrow as well? This is what I'm being told at the local shops.

Does anybody know a reputable boot fitter in the Atlanta, GA area? The people at the three shops I've been to seem competent but there really isn't a way to tell.

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You are doing the right thing by trying the boots on and yes in the Tecnica or Lange model lines different boots will have different lasts/volume (i.e. fit wider or narrower feet better). Through the years boot mfgrs do get reputations based on their typical fit's, but the only way to know is to try them on and work with a good bootfitter.
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