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Advice needed for trip west

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We're finally taking our first trip west, after originally planning to go about 25 years ago (alas, too many kids, too little money ). It will be Tahoe in early April, keeping fingers and toes crossed for good conditions. We're debating whether to bring our skis and snowboard (the son's), or rent equipment. We've never flown with our skis before, and any advice and experiences you bears could offer would be greatly appreciated.
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I am just back from Salt Lake City and I travelled with Delta. I took my ski's and experienced NO problems. I recommend it.

On the other hand......my buddy rented ski's through a shop in downtown Park City and was NOT happy with 3 different pair he skied on. These ski's were beat up.....BAD!

With all the snow we had, I would have liked to try some wide powder ski's. However, my Elan's skied great out there!!
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as long as there is no rain, tahoe is ok for april. bring your skis, don't worry.
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Thanks, I'm leaning towards bringing them. I looked at the SkiTube today, I remember reading a lot of recommendations for it. It's a little pricey for the 2 pair size, but that's the one we'd need. Any other ideas for packing and flying with your equipment, and do the airlines charge extra? How about the snowboard, how do I pack that up to prevent damage? I have mental pictures of how those baggage handlers throw the luggage around .
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Pack clothing around the bindings and tips and tails of your ski's.

If at all possible, carry on your boots with clothing packed around them, also.
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Will most definitely carry on the ski boots. Underwear and other clothing can take it's chances with the luggage .
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it is probably less hassle to carry your skis on than to stop and fool with rentals and returns, unless your own equip is subpar. for my trips, i only bring my ski bag and my boot bag, and fill them with all my gear, i wear one pair of jeans that'll suffice for 5 days, evening shirts i plan on wearing twice. wear same ski clothes everyday. ski hotel rooms get totally trashed with stuff and everyone takes so long to get ready because they can't find anything, the less you bring the better. also, carrying on your boots is dorky IMHO. in the "rare" event the airlines looses them, then you can rent them and probably the airline will pay until they are delivered the next day, all is not lost.
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you can get ski bags that will fit 2 pair, and just pack all your pants and jackets as padding arould them. worked pretty well for my trip in january. most airlines allow 1 piece of oversized sporting goods, ie golf clubs, ski bags, hunting gear, or whatever. but it counts as 1 piece of checked luggage. as far as carrying on your boots, since you usually ony get 2 bags checked for free, 1 would be your suitcase, the other one your skis... so for me, i had to take them on the plane.
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Originally Posted by SnowbirdDevotee View Post
also, carrying on your boots is dorky IMHO. in the "rare" event the airlines looses them, then you can rent them and probably the airline will pay until they are delivered the next day, all is not lost.
Good point about the airline paying, that had occured to me. But I really hate rental boots, and I've had my luggage "lost" several times before. Took 2 days one time to catch up to us. United does let you check a boot bag as well as a ski bag for free, and a suitcase.

So packing clothes around the equipment is enough protection?
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Originally Posted by MGM View Post
So packing clothes around the equipment is enough protection?
enough protection for what? you are probably asking the wrong guy because i'm not an "equipment man", I ski with my legs (well, actually my poles) not with my skis. If you are an new ski guy every couple years, then I don't see why someone would worry about a ding or two in travel(and I don't think that is a risk but a privledge to be packing those skis for a trip) or on the hill for that matter, another point - who cares about rocks, they are meant to be skied around and does a few scrapes really matter(ie. cirque traverse). But definitely you want to pack your own skis for your trip, and I pack my ski clothes around them. I ski half days on either end of my Salt Lake trips so I'm pretty good at doing what i call the slc shuffle, i do my packing and unpacking in the parking lot, so the less I bring the better.
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MGM you mentioned the Sportube a little while back and I used the single tube a month or so ago on my trip to SLC on Jet Blue. Tube/skis handled trip with no hassles. I also used a Transpack boot bag/backpack which I carried on. Put helmets and boot in that and checked the Sportube along with one piece of luggage. I agree with you on not particularly liking rental boots.

Do a search on Sportube and Transpack in the gear forum and you will find lots of good info!

Have fun on your trip. We are between Whistler and Lake Tahoe/Mammoth for an Easter week trip.
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