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Trip Report - Whitecap March 07

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Well here goes – my first trip back to Whitecap since about 1979.

Overall, it was a good trip.

Good amount of fresh lake-effect snow on Tuesday PM/night made for great skiing on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday. Temps rose from Tues eve into Wednesday, perfect. Also, not very much leftover ice under the new snow, surprisingly.

Cold skiing on Monday (4-9degF most of the day). The snow that fell on Sunday night when we were driving in was a very dry and slow snow for skiing on Monday. As a mid-westerner, I had never experienced such slow, cold snow before.

I ended up skiing with my kids most of the time, so I had to stay mostly on the green runs, and one small complaint about Whitecap is that their green runs have way too many flat spots. You end up having to pole or skate down the run, especially on Monday with the dry snow.

The north face of Thunderhead had the best skiing and we had some good fun there most of the time. Their blue runs are mixed in with the blacks and my timid kids kept getting caught on little black diamond sections. It's good to be challenged sometimes, tho, eh?

My wife is a non-skier, and we had a lodge room that was not conducive for someone to hang around in during the day. She was a good sport about it as we had never stayed there before, but the room was not comfortable unless you’re sleeping, ie no couch, fireplace, windows, cable TV, internet, etc. I’m sure there are rooms that have some of those things, but I didn’t do my homework.

BTW, judging from the age and condition of our room, the lodge is in major need of a remodel. So, if you're really into being in new, fancy facilities, don't stay in the lodge.

Speaking of which, the chalet looks the same as it did twenty-five years ago, right down to the furnature! Iceworm had described it as a 1985 resort being warped forward in time, and that about covers it.

A mild disappointment and someone else mentioned it, but I remember doing a lot more tree skiing before, and they’ve taken lots of trees out on Thunderhead in order to put the golf course in.

Conclusion – we’ll be back, but we’ll try for a better room!

Riding the tall chair from Eagles Nest to Thunderhead, with the Mountain Haus in view. I was told years ago that the chairs are about 70 ft up. The safety bars are all gone now, so hang on! : I remember woods below, now it's an open fairway.

Chair up the east side of Eagles Nest, Dagger below.

La Siala, I believe.

View from the main chair, showing the chalet (left) and lodge (right)

Take Care!

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P.S. Didn't see any signs regarding required ski lengths.

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Originally Posted by Scottie61 View Post
The safety bars are all gone now, so hang on!

You mean they used to have safety bars?
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Originally Posted by Jer View Post
You mean they used to have safety bars?
They did when I was there in the late 70's! I even broke a pole back then when I didn't lift my poles while traveling over the unload ramp. We were heading back to Thunderhead, and the pole was between the safety bar footrest and the ramp, and it got kinked. They were the expensive lightweight Scotts, $35 back then, easily broken.

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Thanks for the pictures and report.

Those may not be the longest runs on earth but there's not a single other skier on the slopes or chairs. Did you ever have a lift line?

I thought the north side runs were a lot of fun too - most sustained pitch - but watch out when the wind picks up...
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Nope, no lines. I'm told that the traffic is pretty light from Monday thru Wednesday.

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