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Oh yeah baby

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From TGR(http://www.tetongravity.com/forums/s...ad.php?t=79305)

Originally Posted by schindlerpiste View Post
Blizzard Titan Kreitler Pro IQ
Sidecut: 135 - 119 - 125
Radius: 58 m (191)

Blizzard Big Akira
Sidecut: 130 - 105 - 120
Radius: 30 m (185)


IQ Sandwich Compound Sidewall
OH YEAH Krietlers = my new(as in next years when I have money) at/pow ski. Only takes markers which sucks oh well guess I need some dukes
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I know some people who will be mesmerized by those pics! Heck, I can't stop looking at them. That is come creative top sheet design. Now, how do they perform? Can't wait for a review!
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It is a shame that they require the IQ binding. My Titan Nines have the topsheets coming off, I don't want to return them under warranty, because I don't want the IQ's
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119mm waist? You don't need that much float unless you weigh 250+lbs!

58m radius? Those are sure going to suck at low-speed short turns on groomers!
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Tip 16mm wider than wasit, waist 6mm narrower than tail. ::
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58meter radius that is burly.

hope to try a pair out but I am think my skiing wont like that ski.
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Nice but the take Markers and, unfortunately, not the Duke.
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I'd think it wouldn't be too much of a problem to fabricate some aluminum or plastic spacers to fill in that channel in the center. Unless there's some unseen wierdness going on under those bindings, all you'd need are longer screws and you could mount the binders of your choosing (like something not made by Marker). Unless, of course, the skis are only sold with the Blizzard/Marker bindings. I hate it when companies pull stupid stuff like that!

Kreitler Pro IQ - I really like the sidecut (or lack thereof) and the tip and tail shapes. However, I know nothing about Blizzard skis - are they wood core? sandwich (they look capped)? metal? what's with the goofy tail rivets?

You know, after looking at those binders again, they don't appear to be the normal Marker Twin Cam design - they look like a pivot design. Marker's heels were always ok, I wonder if they're finally dropping the crappy toe design?
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