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High School Training

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I need advice on setting up a weekend of training for 35 high school kids who are on a ski team in NJ and are looking for pre-season training.

Money is limited, the skill level of the kids varies. They want to spend their time skiing, not traveling so probably Catskills or southern VT.

They'll be with their coaches, but need other instructors.

Any advice on where to go and what to ask for?
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I believe Kee Tove teaches someplace in upstate new York. Being a school teacher himself, he'd be a great source.
And now that I've volunteered him for a weekend of pure hell, I may have lost a friend...

But anyway, welcome to epicski, Kathy. At times, we may descend to a maturity level that's lower than that of your HS students, but its still a great place to be! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I don't know what you mean by pre-season. Typically Loveland opens by the first week of November and a lot of teams head there to train.

Have a bake sale and stick the kids on a Frontier flight or jam them in a van and drive across Kansas!
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We're still friends.You know my passion is skiing, so you just got me going.

Sent Kathy a PM.
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That's pretty much what I do for a living. In fact I'm looking for a new host resort for a group of 90 athletes for Thanksgiving camp. (No thanks to Vail Assocciates and Breckenridge!) For your needs, it sounds like Mt.Tremblant might be a perfect fit for you. The US-Canadian $ exchange keeps it affordable and it is relatively close. They run team specials for the early season with great lift/lodge/meal packages plus the kids feel like they're in Europe with the heavy French influence. I'm sure there are several other resorts in the U.S. Eastern area that would love to have you, but I think if you compare the early season conditions, price, and fun of Tremblant you'll probably agree that it is one of the best to fit your needs. Have fun, I'd rather hang around with 35 high school racers than 35 ski club Masters racers! The kids are much better behaved and much less of a P.I.T.A!
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