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What for My Next Ski?

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looking for some suggestions for my next ski to replace my '05 Dynastar Skicross 9's (178cm)... me - 6'-2", 195lb, strong intermediate looking to get better, ski blue groomers in the Tahoe area... looking for a ski to help me improve carving skills but won't punish me for my mistakes... like to be able to have the ability to skid the tails to scrub some speed (bad old habit, I know) don't want to be on edge all the time as I spend a lot of time with my two young kids down the slopes... I find the SC 9's to be pretty forgiving and like the moderate sidecut (110-69-98), feel this allows me to relax a bit and skid the tails (or scarve as I have heard it called).

I am a bit concerned about too radical a sidecut like the Dynastar Contact series has (maybe I shouldn't), was thinking maybe the Fischer RX9 (not too sure if this would be too big a step up), maybe the RX8 (heard more forgiving than the RX9), the Volkl Supersport S4 or S5, or the K2 Apache Crossfire.

Any thoughts on what might be the best way to go, or any other skis to consider much appreciated... thanks in advance.
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1st choice: Rossi 7G, 212cm

2nd choice: Supersport S5
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Do not listen to Jer, he's trying to make a point...

Why would you change your 9 ? It's still a fine ski. I'm still enjoying my '05 SC10.
Anyway, do not be afraid of the contact line being "too shaped".
There are literaly dozens of skis for what you need... I would say that Volkls or Atomics tend to be more 'hooky' than rossis (check a Z5) or dynastars, but that won't help you much.
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Originally Posted by Jer View Post
1st choice: Rossi 7G, 212cm

2nd choice: Supersport S5
You must crack yourself up! I bet living with you is a million laughs!
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