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Skis for Utah

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I will be in the SLC area March 10 to 14. What skis should I bring to make the best of expected conditions? Choices are:

180 cm Explosives
161 cm Volkl 6 star supersports
Older 170 Atomic 10.20s
I also have a pair of Black Volkl twin tips in a 180 cm (smaller tip on the tail) that have no name on them. Only a bold yellow V near the tip. Not sure the model, but if anyone knows about them and thinks they would be a good choice, let me know.

Opinions please. ---- Thanks

As I ponder the situation, I am thinking my meager quiver might need expanding. Maybe something with a 78 to 85 mm waist. However that will most likely be next year.
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rent fatter and softer there if you need to.
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I think Explosives were Mantra predecessors - go with em they work out there.
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Either go with the Explosivs or sell 'em all and get a pair of early '90s vintage 212cm GS race skis.
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