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Lange Comp 120

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I purchased the comp 120 about 3 years ago, maybe 4. Besides being a bit stiff and a leaker it has been a decent boot. I took out the top cuff plug last weekend and I think I like the softer flex a little better. photo below.

Last night I tried on the new 120 Freeride at my local shop and it seem to fit my foot a little more snug but it was hard to tell if the flex was better. The boot tech said the only difference was a softer foot board. It seems odd that would be the only advancement in 3 or 4 years. Can anyone shed some light on the difference, if any? 120 freeride photo below.

And yes I am searching the forum as well.
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I thought the older Freerides had a lower cuff height .
The picture of the 07 FR sure doesn't look any lower.

I use the Comp 120 with the top screw out as well.
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For what it's worth, I have this year's Comp 120 and also tried the Freeride 120 in the store. I noticed no difference. I've been told by 3 different stores that the only difference is the softer foot board in the Freeride. I have not skied the Freeride.

This year's Comp 120 remains a leaker. Come on Lange. Fix this problem.:
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Leakage or condensation?
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I have the 120 Comps in the Narrow fit and tried the 120FR in the shop. I can say there is a difference in the fit. I think that the 120 Comp Medium Fit ARE close together in size, but the NF has a less volume (could be a thicker liner). Anyway, I went in thinking about the FR and that's not what I ended up with.

I have skied langes for over 10 years now. I was in Raichels before that. I've got a narrow heal and medium forefoot (large compared to my heal). Even with boot work and lange's famed narrow heal pocket, I can still get heal lift from time to time.

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Leakage or condensation?


PS: I HATE the look of that Baby blue thing they have out right now. I'm hoping I don't need new boots before they change that shell..
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Lange 120

Ok yeah maybe it is condensation.

I sat the boots side by side in the shop and my 120 comp was about the same hight as the new FR.

The heal lift is what has been bothering me occasionally on my comp. Seems to be the worst on warm days when the plastic really seems to get much more pliable. The tech put some little half moon pads on the front of my ankle area to push my heal back. I guess I will see how that pans out this weekend at Aspen . If they cut the price this summer on the FR I may have to make the jump though.
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Originally Posted by BigE View Post
Leakage or condensation?
Leakage. The shell doesn't close together near the bottom buckle where the sides overlap and meet the rubber piece at the bottom of the opening. This is common in many Lange boots, not just my pair.

On cold days the cold air rushes in. We use little strips of weatherstripping to close the void. This helps, but doesn't completely solve the problem.
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The new comps have a little more toe room and a slightly higher instep than the previous generation. Other than that, there is no real difference.

And the baby blue comps are good looking boots. If the Falcons hadn't have come along I'm sure I'd be rocking those right now. Nothing wrong with something other than black, fire engine red, or royal blue once in a while. I guess if you really don't like the color, you can always get into the Rossi Radical Pro or B-Squad.
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4 buckle race boots leak, period, as do flexons
it is the price we pay to have the best performance...
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After putting up with Lange leakage in my 120 Comps for much too long, I tossed them and went boot shopping. Tried the new Langes (the baby blue ones) and like them quite bit. Tried the Tecnicas (the almost race boot...130?). Felt great, nice flex, quite comfortable out of the box but seemed a bit bulky. Top contenders ended up being the Nordica Dobermann 130 and the Salomon Falcon 10. Did the heat up the liner deal with the Salomon. Great feeling boot. Had some fit issues around the cuff (and I have bird legs). Also, not a big fan of translucent plastic. The Nordica (much to my surprise) was the winner. Great fit from the get go....very solid in the heel and ankle for me with a nice amount of toe room. I have a pretty normal US foot with the usual boot fit trouble spots on my ankle bones, 6th toe and navicular. None of these were an issue with the Nordica. Did feel a bit narrow mid-foot to start with, but that has since worked itself out. Great lateral stiffness with a firm but not stiff flex. I like the clean, simple design. No technical or graphic b.s. Very pleased with the on snow performance. Much more positive and powerful than the old Langes. I didn't realize how much they had mushed out over the past few years (got them when they first came out) until I skied the Nordicas. The new boots make a big difference in my skiing. More comfortable stance (I put my old custom footbeds in the Nordicas), more balanced stance, more pressure down onto the edge at all phases of the turn. More fun. No leakage yet.
I would have been very happy in any of the above boots.
For reference: I've been skiing 40+ years at a high level. 6' 0", 175 lbs. This year I'll ski 40+ days mostly in in Vermont with trips to Utah, Colorado and Europe.
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