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Congrats, Faisasy!!!!!!! - Page 2

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Congratulations and best wishes to you all !
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Congratulations Faisasy and family!

EpicSki's newest member is less than two weeks old, and there are already two pages about him. That's got to be a record of some sort! Can't wait to see his first turns. No time like the present to start skiing, I think. Just think how deep that powder will be when you're, what, one foot tall? He'll be good at it, too. He and PSIMAN could be best buddies!

Congratulations again. What an amazing thing!

Best regards,
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Congratulations Faisasy!

I see that tiny little grip is strong and almost ready to hold onto a pole. Best wishes to all!
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The look on his face, looking around at the world. Sometimes he looks like he's wondering "what happened, where am I". At one point his mouth is open like he's hungry, then he just yawns.

Very alert baby. Obviously above average and ready to get started.

I can remember when the boy was born so clearly. It's amazing to say the least. He was peaceful too. Abbey came out spitting nail.

That is a wonderful video. It captures the moment. Makes me want to have another one.
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Thanks for all the well wishes. The actual birth was a bit hard. He had a bit of trouble breathing when he first came out, as well as temperature instability and low blood sugar. He spent the first hour or so in the NICU. It was very frustrating. We wanted to be happy because he was born, but couldn't really be too excited since he was not out of the woods yet (for the medically inclined, his initial APGAR score was 1). Fortunately, he recovered quickly and strongly, and they released him from the NICU in a couple of hours. We spent 2.5 days after birth at the hospital so they could monitor him frequently and make sure everything was okay.

It has been an absolute joy. Before the birth the main things you think and hear about can be a bit daunting, about how you're not going to get any sleep, etc. But any downside (lack of sleep) is overcome so many, many, many times by the upside of having a piece of the two of you living and breathing, it's just impossible to describe.

Already I've had the pleasure of experiencing pee and poop on me (is there a Murphy's Law that says whenever you open a diaper to check, that's when your baby will decide to "go"? And the best way to make pee or poop fly in a certain direction is to stand in that direction!).

He's doing great now. He seems to alternate in his sleeping patterns -- most nights he'll sleep 3-4 hours at a time, but on others he'll be up every hour. As my wife said after one sleepless night, "It's a good thing he's so cute."

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Oh, and this is definitely going into his baby scrap-book: "Born during one of the longest stretches of epic powder days of the season!"
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How's the bilirubin score? (He looks a little golden on the pics.) Any issues this way with the birth?

Other than that, a fine looking production. The best to you, Geny and little Aman. Any chance we'll get to see you guys at lunch on the 6th?
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