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Congrats, Faisasy!!!!!!!

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I just received a note from Faisasy, that his wife and he have had their child!!!

Hello to Aman Charles Syed, born Feb 28, @ 8:46pm, 6lb9oz, 20.25".

Better enjoy him now Fais... it's gonna get expensive when he decides he needs his own quiver of skis!

My congrats to the 3 of you!!!
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Great news! Congratulations, Faisal and Mom.
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Congrats Faisasy!

Your life just changed! Enjoy.

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Congratulations! This is where photography and cinematography skills really come in handy
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Congrats! You are truly blessed!
I think I'm going to cry, I'm so happy for you.
I found the fist set of skis for the baby's quiver!
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Trek, are those Pocket Rockets on that pram?

Congrats Faisasy and family!
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Congratulations! Pics please.
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Congratulations Faisal!
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my congrats as well..
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Congratulations to faisasy and family.
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Mr. Jones is right. This thread is no good without pictures!

Congratulations on your new family!
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Cube & I send our warmest wishes. Congratulations !
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Thanks for all the well wishes. Here's a little something: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EV2wZbqT9SA
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Great Vid, Fais!

And what an auspicious beginning... born during a snow storm! He was 'born to ski'.

Again, Congrats!
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Congrats to the new Mom and Dad. Life is good.
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Great news Faisal! Hope hear and see more updates at Vail...
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What a gorgeous child! I'm in awe
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He's beautiful! I cried (what a sap), but he's just so perfect. Boy, is it tiring being born!
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That is the most beautiful newborn I have ever seen! And he already looks wise like his daddy! Congrats!
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Congrats, congrats, congrats.

A wonderful video.
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Very nice video. I wish you and your newborn son many great shared moments skiing together. Congratulations.
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Getting misty-eyed. Brings back some memories for sure. Hoping for a great future for all of you.
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You did that??? :
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Congratulations! Great looking family!
Looking foward to making a few turn with the newest Epic member!
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Did the UPS crew do a five-gun salute off the top of Loveland pass?
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Congratulations on the new addition to your family!
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Nice, very nice.
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Nothing like a miracle, eh, Fais? Well done, friend... you are one talented dude.
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