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snowbird to park city driving

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Hi guys,
heading to snowboard next week and staying at the inn. How far a drive is it from SB to Park City in case we want to head out for an evening or two? Google maps sends you all the way around via SLC, but I ca'nt believe this is the only way.
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Snbd to PC

Snbd to rt. 215 to rt. 80 east to Park City
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you cna ski over to alta, skin to solitdue traverse to brighton then traverse to deer valley ski down there slope and end up in PC.
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yeah I couldn't believe it either and first trip we saw a road directly over there from Big Cottonwood Canyon on the map. So we tried it and ended up skiing Solitude - had about 15 feet of snow at the end of BCC (was a seasonal road

There's talk of someday building a tunnel or two but that's a controversial topic at this point. I kind of like the remoteness of BCC/LCC and think you'd lose some of that if they were connected in winter.
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consider canyon inn at the base of the big cottonwood for a few hours "out". it's close to an hour to pc from the bird, more with parking.
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