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New Ski School Openings

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It was announced today that the new Ritz Carlton Hotel in Beaver Creek will be recruiting a new SS for next season. This will run in addition to the Vail Resorts run SS at Beaver Creek. Potential instructors must be full cert with 6 seasons ISIA full cert experience. In addition they must be minimum PMTS Green qualified.

Sounds interesting and whilst the guests will be high maintenance the tips should be excellent.

The locker room layout was shown and it will include a heated floor, carpet, ski tune valet, and change and shower rooms. Ski Instructors will be encouraged to use the workout room and the Ritz will be running a ski and workout for skiing program for guests. The Ritz will also have "Ritz" brand skis in the hire shop. There was no mention of SS prices but the rumour was around $700 per day inc ski hire and nightly tuning.

Sort of reminds me of the Palace Hotel SS in St Moritz.

Good to see the game is being lifted somewhat.

Oz :
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Hmm, workout for skiing program! That's interesting!
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An interesting development, Man from Oz! Sounds a lot like Club Med at Copper and Crested Butte. What sort of arrangement will they have with the resort? At Copper, Club Med instructors are not allowed lift line privileges, and they are not allowed to teach private lessons. All they do is guide their in-house groups around. They have some excellent skiing instructors, most with some certification, many foreign.

Who is running the program? With all due respect (and I'm not trying to start a battle here, just pointing something out), I think that the requirement for a PMTS affiliation will prove to be a hugely limiting factor. There aren't many American instructors with it, not to mention foreign instructors, and there are a LOT of extremely talented ISIA-credentialled instructors who will be eliminated from consideration!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Maybe there's more PMTS folks than you think?

I think it's great, that somebody is setting the bar higher. If it goes and instructors make money.........

Wait a minute. Isn't today April fools?
Oz, you stinker!
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I addition, i hear guests will be provided a Ski Caddy who will carry a quiver of ski's around on the hill for the guests exclusive use. The Caddy will also help select the proper ski for a given run ("I'm thinking, Sir/Madam, that the Pocket Rocket may be a bit wide and the Axis X rather too narrow; may i suggest the 10EX, Madam/Sir)
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Trey, I just laughed so hard I choked on a corn muffin!

SCSA, you may be on to something with April Fools day!

But in case he's Not joking, Sports Club La. often hooks up with Ritz Carlton ventures. If that's the case, get your headshots touched up!
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SCSA ya gave the game away way too early!!!!

Sorry Bob & LM all in good fun. I await the well deserved revenge.

You never know though. The Ritz does open next season and the instructors are already plotting the tip attack.

Cheers from the sunshine.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I had my suspicions!
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"Ritz" brand skis, *chuckle*.
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I've been had......


Well done!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Hey, Bob, you probably were "blinded" by the blood flow from that bump on the head, eh?
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