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Nordica Hot Rod Top Fuel (further review)

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Had an interesting experience with these skis this week. But first, a little history. Three years ago I was determined to learn to do a pure carved turn. I was skiing on Solomon Crossmax Pilot 10's at the time and the best that I could manage was an occasional "brushed carve". At the end of that season I demoed, and then bought, a pair of the Top Fuels. I loved their stability-and immediately I was skiing faster and on steeper terrain. Also, I began to experience the thrill of pure carved turns. Probably, the extra speed was what helped here. The end of the next year I demoed and bought a pair of Volkl Allstars. If you have read any of my other posts you know that I went gaga for these skis. Where the Nordies could carve-these(Allstars) carved on steroids! They were much quicker edge-to-edge. So... the Top Fuels have been hanging in my basement for most of this season.
However, I have been reading a number of posts on the Tuning Forum recommending bumping up the side bevel from 1 degree to 3. I finally thought: "what the hell-I'm going to sell these anyway-why not try the 3 degrees". Took them out this Monday and I couldn't believe they were the same ski! Still not as quick edge-to-edge as the Allstars, but they are so predictable and relaxing to ski. I have fallen in love with them all over again. The Top Fuels always were more stable at speed, had a huge "sweet spot", and they destroy crud and mixed snow. Nothing that I have tried pulls you across the hill like Volkl--but the Nordies get the job done and in a more relaxed way. Bottom line: I'm glad that I didn't sell these skis. I'm going to finish out the season on them. Also-try the 3 degree side bevel-it sure worked for these skis.
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yeah, i just bought the '07 allstar titanium at a 'march price'
they are a lot lighter and a lot more nimble than the top fuels (which i also own).

i do have an 87deg side bevel tool. i'll try your trick on my fuelers. what you say about the tf's smoothness, big sweet spot and its being more relaxing is all true.

i just really like the 14.4m radius of my 168 allstars. especially for where i do most of my skiing - sugarloaf, maine. and holy cow, do those volkls ever grip icy piste!
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I too have a 3/1 combo on my jet fuels. 186s. The key is the still the polish, but I get really scared. Skis as big aren't meant to crank such turns.

Now- I've been going straight on my first two runs of the day for about 28 years.

here's yesterday's icy morning while pulling into a lift coral;
- "I've never gone that fast in my life."
- "Were you on my tail the whole time? I can't believe that just happened."
-"I'm pretty sure I'm never going to do that again."
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