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scott aztec pro binding placement

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hi i hope someone can help - just bought a pair of 175cm Aztec pros and had the ski tech mount the bindings - when i got then home they look like the bindings are mounted well back on the skis. Checked them out agaisn't a pair of salomon 182 teneighty foils and to them the scotts really are mounted towards the back. Does anyone know if this is correct for Scott skis? i know some manufacturers position bindings alot different then others.Also how can i check if the ski tech got it right? There is an arrow on the side of the ski but i don't know what i should be looking for. Does the arrow mark the position of the middle of the boot? or the front of the binding etc etc ?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated as i don't want to go back to the tech and make a fool of myself if the mounting is correct.


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There is a line molded into the midpoint of your boot, it 'should' line up with the arrow on the sidewall.

The 1080 is a true twintip, the Aztec is not (?). That will effect the mounting point (toward the rear of the ski).
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Hi Keir,
Welcome to EpicSki!

What shop did you get them from (or where mounted them)?
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thanks for the info re boot and ski mark. - bought the skis in England from a small shop called ski & surf - they are the 2008 model.Scott sold so many of the 2007 model in europe that they sold out and had to release the 2008 early - not bad considering we've had no snow overhere until late feb
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just checked the mark on my salomons and the Aztecs -bang on . thanks whiteroom. Haven't tried the ski yet but will be trying them in Obertauern ,Austria on the weekend.Have heard nothing but really good things about them. The Aztecs and the Missions have been a big hit overhere in the Alps .They seem to really suit our terrain and snow conditions
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I don't know ski & surf - where abouts are they?
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colchester and e-bay

they can do some great deals but have a mixed bag of stock. I was in their store and they had a pair of salomon screams 2005 ( i recognised them as i have a pair) but their was no mention that they were an old model or discounted . All i'd say is beware !
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nope, don't know them.

What bindings did you go with?
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their in the UK . - I went with scott bindings as i like salomon pilot series and the scotts are made by salomon . Direct copy
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Did you get a chance to check your boots & bindings last night?
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I have a pair of the Aztecs that I have been using this season to ski in New England. I've used them in a variety of conditions and they seem very versatile. I didn't expect this, but they are now my primary ski. Last week someone in the lift line at Sunday River asked me if I bought them in Austria! I think that you will be pleased with them.
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cheers downdraft tried them on Saturday in Obertauern and they were brilliant - just got home . I think you were asked if they were Austrian because Scott now manufacture in Austria, mine came with Made in Austria sticers on them

did get to check boots in bindings and they lined up perfect - after skiing in them i think Scott may position the bindings a touch further back to help with their off piste/powder performance - only guessing though
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