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Another boot top fracture

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Last sunday, Sylvain Marconnet, multicaped rugby player, broke his fibula and tibia while on a ski tow...
There were a number of threads on the issue lately, with all the bears fractures. And I agree something must be wrong, if such a fit athlete, supposedly a good skier, can get hurt like that.
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I wonder what kind of tow it was exactly to cause that kind of injury. Very strange.
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I'd guess it was a T-bar.
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Actualy, I don't know.
Other reports say he was skiing very slowly with his 5 years old daughter. And Tignes / Val last T-bars are on the glaciers, if I'm right. Unlikely places (and lifts) for such a young kid.
Anyway , He does not look like the kind of guy that would snap just like that...
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