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How do the crowds compare to last year?

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Since many of you have now had the chance to get some real skiing under your belts, it would be interesting to know how you feel about the crowds at your ski areas this year versus last year. Are the predictions of some kind of financial fallout for the ski areas really taking shape out there, or has it just been a lot of prime-time talk?
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My local resort is well-ahead of last year - fewer folks traveling away from town, good early season snowfall, bargain season passes.

I've heard that Sun Valley has been doing better than expected as well?
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A story in the Seattle Times reported that Crystal Mtn. was 63% ahead of last year's skier days as of 12/27. Big dumps of snow in late Nov. and Dec. are certainly a big part of this, but possibly people staying closer to home to ski is also a positive for Washington areas.

I'd be interested in hearing what is happening at the "destination" resorts.
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Here in SW Montana we set a new record of 5166 skiers on 12/24. Things have tapered off, but it seems like the much feared no show of destination skiers isn't happening.
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Bridger Bowl was like a scene from 'Fargo' over the holidays. The place was full of visitors from Minnesota, North Dakota & South Dakota. 12/30 was the busiest day in the resort's history with 3,800 riders.

The boost was great for the resort & the local economy. Riding up the lifts listening to people from those states talk about how much they enjoy skiing at Bridger & what they have to go through to get in their one ski trip a year really emphasizes how lucky I am living here.
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My limited experience is this:

-Red Mountain had to cancel their level 1 because they didn't have enough participation. They figure it was a hangover from last year's bad snow.

-Whistler yesterday had 18 cm of new. It was a Sunday and New Year's week. At 12:30, we were still finding fresh lines in the glades between green runs. We were speechless.

It is hard to compare year-to-year just because of the different snow quality.
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for the east, i think generally crowds are up (relatively per resort) at the skiier per trail level. overall numbers i don't know about, but it sure 'feels' more crowded. this may be due to mad rushes of people attacking limited terrain due to abnormally high temps in december here on the east coast...

but i think more likely it's as they predicted... people don't want to fly west so are hitting up the local resorts instead.
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