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awesome ski lesson!

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was at whistler last week and did a 3-day ski esprit with a fantastic instructor: Jacques Robichaud (level III/35 years CSIA)

the guy is well into his 60s and kicked our butts all over the hill (no groomers) for three straight days!!

Jacques has developed his own acronym: PEPSI

any guesses???

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Some of the old ones can still ski.
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wow lotsa looks and no guesses?

ok Jacques worked on this acronym for several years and has massaged it into what it is today ... this is his acronym that I share with you today

P pole and project
E extend
P perpendicular
S steer
I isolate

what do you think of that??

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C counter
O outside ski
K kinetic chain
E engage

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B - Balance
E - Engage
E - Extend
R - Retract
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K keep away from PSIA
O outside ski is the place to be
O oppose all rotary
L lift and tip
A angulation is just a position
I inside legs need to flex
D drink this in large quantities
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Originally Posted by Skidude72 View Post
B - Balance
E - Engage
E - Extend
R - Retract
I LOVE THIS! I'm going to use it with R = relax. Gonna make a "BEER Float"!
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