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Banff weather in April?

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Hey there, my family and I are going on a weeks trip to the banff area. I just wondering if anyone had any tips on what to wear/ rental shops/ restaraunts, and other miscallaneos subjects. Was also wondering if anyone could help me with finding good reliable forecasts leading up to and during our trip. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Weather forecasts more than two days in advance are useless around here. It's far too changeable. Rest assured, the weather and snow conditions in April will be stellar.

Banff Weather http://weatheroffice.ec.gc.ca/foreca...l?ab-49&unit=i

If you're staying in the town of Banff or Canmore, it's best to rent skis in town for several days rather than rent at any of the ski areas (horrendous rental lines on weekends and beat-up equipment at the hills). Try the Ski Stop in Banff www.theskistop.com You can book in advance, online, and they have a good selection of gear.
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