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Nordica W12 v. W10

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Anyone have any experience on these? I'm not sure if I can handle the W12 (Nordica Flex Index 100-90), which is slotted below the Beast and above the W10 (Flex 80-70). I'm an strong intermediate/ advanced skier who prefers to spend most of the time skiing on-piste blacks and blues. Based on my ability I'd probably go with the W10, but since I am 6'4", 245 lbs I'm afraid that I might overpower the W10. Any thoughts? Do you think that the W12 might be a little too much for me? Thanks for any input.
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Hey, I can't give you too much help, but I bought a pair of W10s last season and liked them a lot. I was about 6'2" and 190lbs at the time and I felt like they were a very good stiffness for me. However, I am not sure about the extra weight. Unfortunately this is the first pair of boots I have owned, so I dont have a lot of experiences to comapre to. I tried on a lot of different boots, and this one seemed to fit the best and feel the best. So, in summary, I would not hesitate to recommend them, but make sure you try a lot on to be sure they are the boot for you.

For reference, I am about the same ski level as you, mostly blacks and blues, and some off-piste also. I would still consider myself upper-intermediate and not a true advanced skier.
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It's all up individual preference, but in my opinion you'd overpower the w10 for sure. I'm about your size (+5 lbs) and I tried the w10 and it was way to soft for my taste. I narrowed my choices down to the Beast and the Salomon x-wave 10 (110 flex) and bought the x-wave 10 because it fit my heel better. The w12 would be much better for you than the w10, but if you like the Nordica fit I'd be deciding between the W12 and the Beast. Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the feedback. Coach, it seems like we're roughly the same size, but how would you assess your ability and terrain preference? Thanks
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Originally posted by Doid23:
Thanks for the feedback. Coach, it seems like we're roughly the same size, but how would you assess your ability and terrain preference? Thanks
Actually about the same as you, based on your initial post.
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I took a hard look at the Nordica W. The women's only comes in the 8 and 10. I like a relatively soft boot (just not mush), and I would have chosen the 10. 2 notes about these boots.... lean, and bootboards. The forward lean is pretty forward by todays standards, and the boot boards need to be ground to work with a custom footbed. With my large calves, the boots put me on my toes in a nuetral stance. I ended up with the Solly wave 8. Too bad, because the Nordica is wider, so now I have to grind the Solly a bit.

I think the 10 is still fairly soft, the 12 would be about right. If it's park and powder the 10 is probably OK. But, for serious carving probably the 12.
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I have the women's version - the forward lean can be adjusted by removing the spoiler behind the liner cuff.
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