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Me: Lvl 9 skier (per the definition, not the best on the mountain...), 150#'s

Terrain: Solitude a couple of days after big snowfalls; very firm, steep and fast groomers, varying degrees of crud to bumps, and some boot deep fresh as more terrain opened (how it was only boot deep after about 40 inches of snowfall I'll never know...)

My wife took the day off on our Utah trip so I decided to demo her skis at Solitude for a few runs since the bindings are very easy to adjust. Keep in mind that I could have really used at least another 10cm to fairly evaluate this ski.

Groomers - very capable in this domain. The ski was very capable of carving rr tracks and seemed the most comfortable on medium radius turns. I had some trouble carving short turns but this could be pilot error as my quiver has a 11m sidecut Metron 11 and 12m sidecut Fischer WC SC skis versus 16m for the Izor. Skidding short turns was not a problem. A little scary when the speed got up towards the high side. The ski just didn't seem very substantial at high speed. Not soft - actually not soft at all for a supposed intermediate ski - but just not substantial for lack of better descriptive teminology. Keep in mind that if I bought this ski for myself I would have went for another 10-15 cm in length.

Powder - just fine for the boot depth stuff I was in. Only took a few turns and keep in mind my 150# weight. Utah light powder is about the easiest condition to ski in once you gain some powder efficiency...

Firm crud - definite weak point of this ski. Just not confidence inspiring. Skied a lot more conservatively than I did on my Metrons. Not a straight line crud buster by any means.

Bumps - pretty good in the bumps.

Overall, I'd say this is a very good "front-side" ski. Strong carving capabilities and good in the bumps. Take my high speed comments with a grain of salt as (a) the ski was too short for me and (b) I'm talking about carving firm, steep groomers so the speeds really were high. My guess is that they'd hold fairly well on ice but I couldn't test that theory Not the best ski for tougher off piste conditions but by no means horrible.

Finally, despite the intermediate implications of the Izor line, this ski will not hold many people back on the front side. A potentially good bargain for more advanced skiers with low brand name ego requirements.