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I'm back from demoing but still looking for more recommendations...

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I spent three days up in Vail last week and had the opportunity to demo three different sets of skis. Unfortunately, all three days were different conditions, so I'm still left a little confused and looking for other options. Anyways...

Info about me: 5'11" ~215-220lbs, level 7 skier, enjoy steep blues and blacks, starting to enjoy bumps more; the type of terrain depends on who I ski with (I would say I ski on piste 50-67% of the time overall), I definitely enjoy skiing some powder but also love to rip up the groomers and ski them fast and hard with medium length turns. I also am looking to improve my skiing significantly and learn to ski more extreme terrain. My current ski is the 2001 Rossi Bandit X in a 191cm length.

Day 1: fresh powder and snowed nearly all day. I tried to demo the Nordica Afterburner but they were out so I tried the Nordica Nitrous but only in a 178cm (sidecut 123-78-108). When I first got on them, I definitely wasn't used to how easily they turn and it caught me off guard a few times since its sidecut is pretty large. Definitely took me a little time to get used to them. I spent about 2/3 the day on the backside and really enjoyed how these skis handled fresh snow. The latter part of the day, we skied groomers and loved the speed and agility the ski had. I want to demo these again but in a 170cm as someone else recommended earlier.

Day 2: cold, windy, a little snow but it was wind packed and slow. I asked to demo the X-Wing Fury but they were out again, but they recommended the X-Wing Hurricane (172cm 124/85/114) as it was a similar ski yet softer. I was really confused at this ski and thought I would really like it, but I was bored with it nearly all day. We didn't ski much on the backside cause it was so friggin cold and windy, so we stuck mainly to groomers all day. It was slow on the groomers and just didn't give me the feedback and performance I was looking for. Would the Fury be much different?

Day 3: sunny, and finally a little bit warmer. I finally got to demo the Nitrous Afterburner in a 170cm (126/84/112) though there wasn't much fresh snow unfortunately. Since all of us were a little hungover and sore, we didn't ski too much extreme stuff and stuck to rolling, steep groomers for cruising for a majority of the day. They felt stable, though I think I enjoyed the Nitrous more on these types of runs. I also did a couple of bump runs and really enjoyed them though I think it was more of the size I enjoyed since I currently ski 191cm.

All in all, I think I enjoyed the Nitrous the best of the three despite the different conditions each day. I felt it handled the fresh snow quite well yet was still able to tear up the groomers. I thought the Afterburner was going to be my favorite due to its width underfoot, but the Nitrous was more fun on the groomers but maybe not quite as stable and did well with fresh snow.

I'm going to head back up soon for a couple more days and demo some more, but I think I am going to try to get them on the mountain so I can try a few of them on the same day in similar conditions. I plan on demoing the Nordica Nitrous one more time but in a 170cm, but was also planning on trying, in order, the Dynastar Legend 8000, the Rossi B2 and/or B3, and the K2 Apache Recon. Should I try the X-wing Fury given that it is pretty similar to the Hurricane? Anything else I should look into or stay away from? The on mountain demo center has Volkl's as well. I was told that the AC-4 would be too much ski for me, but it has a similar sidecut (125-82-110) to that of the Nitrous (123-78-108). Would this still be too much of a ski for me? How about the AC-3?

Sorry for the long post but I really appreciates everyones help. This site has been a great resource.
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Wow, not one comment....

bump ski
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my gut, after demoing for two seasons, is if you find a ski that you like a lot, just buy it.

otherwise you'll turn into a gear whore like the rest of some of us who keep buying and reconfiguring and never just settling on one solid set of planks.

that said, some of the skis I've enjoyed over the last two seasons have been:

Blizzard Titan 9, 181cm
Line Prophet 80, 178cm
Atomic M:EX, 175cm
Atomic B5, 175cm
Blizzard Titan 8, 175cm
AK No Ka Oi, 180cm
AK King Salmon, 180cm
Volkl Mantra, 177cm
Volkl Karma, 177cm
Rossi B3, 178cm
Rossi B2, 178cm

Me, 5'11", 180lbs. glorified hacker and fairly competent skier.

if you're near Breck why not check out A Racer's Edge? They have the Movement skis from Switzerland, which have great buzz.
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that's what I did - demoed a bunch and ended up buying the most fun ski I found, the Mantra.

This flying in the face of much advice against doing this in the east etc because of width. Haven't regretted it yet though!
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