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Knee-friendly Skiing

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I have just received my copy of “A Guide to Knee-friendly Skiing” from Vermont safety research and I’m chomping at the bit to get home and run through the tape and pamphlet. Some of the stuff in the paper are ‘common sense’ like arms forward and hands over the skis but the list of elements before that profile imminent injury is great! Now to do my homework and protect my knees.
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dont watch it just once. watch it alot. I pull it out about once a month, dust it off and watch it. i like watching it while on my "skiers edge." i still cringe when i see the people in it fallling though.

think about it when you are falling? that is a different story, but if it gets ingrained...I fell the other day and what popped into my mind wsa "uphill ski unweighted" (they were both unweighted, i fell back on my tails on short slalom skis and they kicked out from under me, i landed on my head.)

i try to think "controlled fall" and "hands over skis, skis together."

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