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I watched some of the ski and board racing on the tube this weekend. They alternated, two skiers, two boarders on a side by side "course".

The "course" was one of the easiest I have ever seen, it appeared to be on a easy blue .... at best. It was far easier than any of the gates set for the J-Racers (USSA kids) and easier than most NASTAR.

They did not show the times for each racer, only the difference in times between the two racers. I suspect that this was because of a protest by the boarders who would have been much slower and the difference would have stood out like a sore thumb.

I didn't pay attention to the "sanctioning body" for this non-event since it darned near put me to sleep. During any WC or USST events, I'm glued to the couch rolling my ankles with every turn. I guess it's a way for some of the "retired" and B team guys to make a dollar, but this is the equivalent of YES or ESPN showing AAA baseball and ignoring the playoffs leading to the World Series.

Some coverage is better than NO coverage????