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What bindings for Atomic Snoop Daddies?

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when i bought the snoops i had know idea what kind of binding would help benifit/compliment the ski. Ended up having (only thing in the shop) to buy the marker m1's. I'm fairly happy with them... but the heal snap/agustement modual (don't know the correct term) seems to get "more play" each time i ski on them. Another down side is that the release lever is made of aluminum and consequently chews up the ski edges when i accedently bash an edge to them (duck tapes the fix for now).

In the near future i would like to put some back country bindings on these skis since i'm now addicted to powder. any sugestions or coments on the bindigs u used or what not would be appriciated.
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You don't need backcountry bindings for powder unless you are also hiking and have invested in skins, AT boots, shovel, probe beacon and training. The Markers are OK but may need a forward pressure adjustment. The forward pressure is adjusted with a Posidrive #3 bit and is the screw below the DIN adjustment. I strongly urge you to ask the store where you bought them to correct the adjustment and do a release check.

While I can't think of a good reason for changing unless you are experiencing unexpected releases, a much beefier alpine binding for that ski could be the Atomic FFV14 or Salomon S14 Driver (same thing). I also like Look P12 or 14.
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I agree with Cirque. Salomon Drivers are always on the top of my list. I have also had good luck with the Atomic Neox's . Double check with Atomic, the ski warranty might double if you use an Atomic binding, just something to consider.
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Your right about not needing backcountry bindings for powder. Next year i plan on doing a few avalance courses (hopfully with some strong skiers) at my university (i would have done them this year but to many foolish engineering courses seem to have got in the way). Also plan to finaly buy a becon and snow shovel and stop renting. Currently i do short 20-25min hikes around my local resorts but not enough to warrent changing the bindings over for that (just strap the skis to the pack and go).

In the near future i would like to make a happy meduim between skiing at the resort and backcountry. When the ski hills get to buisy/hecktic i would like to spend the day hiking and skiing untouched sweetness.

But i think i'm just going to stick with my current bindings for now (no good reason to change them just yet)... But i do like the idea of using an atomic binding for warrenty purposes.

thanx for the input
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