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Tune up West of Boston?

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I don't have the time to go into Bob's Wilderness House for a tune up this week. Recently moved West of the city. Does anyone know a good ski shop to get some skis sharpened? Somewhere off of Route 2 preferably anywhere between 95 and 495? thanks a bunch.
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Summit Ski Shop in Framingham, just off of Rt. 9
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thanks a lot!
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any other place? These guys can't have them ready before Friday.
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Originally Posted by kelly001 View Post
any other place? These guys can't have them ready before Friday.
You can try the Westwood Ski Stop. Also, I just dropped my skis off at Summit Ski yesterday and there was somebody else there being told the "no way before Friday" thing as well, but he begged and pleaded a bit and they relented. Worth a shot. *shrug*
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Summit does a great job, I second that. I don't have first hand recent information on anyone else.
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Thanks guys. I tried over the phone to force their hand a little but they wouldn't budge on the turnaround. Ski Stop can do them by Thursday so that works for me. I'm a littl weary to take them to a shop I don't know, but they so need to be sharpened...
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I get work done at Ski Stop in Westwood also and I'm very happy with tunes and boot work. I live an hour and ten minutes from my home mountain so it's more convenient for me to get work done at Ski Stop and I'm always happy with the service.

I perpetually hear that Summit is great for tunes.
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Dependig on where you are going Friday, get to the mountain early and have them put a quick tune on em. I have done that many times....good luck
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The folks at the Mountainside Ski Shop at Wachusett Mountain do a decent job. They are only a couple of minutes off Rt 2.

But you really should try the PTC at the Summit when you can.
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I would never let anyone in the Boston area except Mike (co-owner of summit) touch my skis. It is worth the wait.
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There's always Strands in Worcester - likely do them in an hour.
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I second the Strand's suggestion! Strand's Montana Robot is superb!
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Originally Posted by mlewis View Post
I second the Strand's suggestion! Strand's Montana Robot is superb!
Try this experiment. Go into Strands. Find one of the old guys with a beard. Tell them you want your skis tuned to the factory specs, e.g., 1*/3*. See what they say. Then make your decision if you want to tune them there.
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beer barter system

go into the shop of any ski store. Put a 6 pack of long trail, or your favorite local beer, up on the counter in an obvious spot. Don't say a thing about it. Don't even look at it. Just ask the guy if you could get your skis done by Friday.

Guaranteed winner everytime!

It's one of the best things about skiing. The beer barter system can get you so far. Just look at who you're up against. Some rich snotty bastard that comes in like they deserve their skis by friday. Then, there is you who are asking for a favor and are willing to hook the guy up for his nice gesture and great work. You feel good, they feel good, and you have your skis for the weekend
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Strands gives me beer more often than not when I'm in there. You're the customer, after all ....
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Long story short, I wasn't able to make it to Westwood so I ended going to Summit, which was my first choice anyway.

And I have to say that Mike gave me the best tune-up I've ever experienced. The edges were especially expertly sharpened. It made a world of difference on ice. My metrons never skied so well.

Thanks again for the recommendation.
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