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MA, 1 year photo

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I've been working on getting more countered, and more angulation vs inclination, here are 2 pictures, 1st is last season, the second is last week, blue/black bump terrain on the second, bumps barely visible due to flat light (even though the photog. had a nikon d2xs DSLR!!)...

lots of inclination at the turn,

the angle is wierd, but its all I've got at the moment; fall line is a few degrees left to where my shoulders are facing. I'll try have some video up tommorow, I forgot to add the question....is it better now and why?
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Certainly appears to be more pressure on the outside ski with your new alignment than you're old one. You seem to be balancing more along the outside ski by allowing your body to move over it ("angulation"). You've also allowed your feet to separate a bit, again giving you more independence between the two feet. Always hard to tell in a static shot, tho.

I think the real key, though, is the jacket. It's much easier to see.

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Your work is achieving results. The position in the second picture is a "stronger", more balanced position. It enables you to manage unexpected snow conditions better and better enables efficient movements to start the next turn. You should be able to feel the difference yourself.

To quote an old DC sportscaster - "let's go to the videotape!"
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looks better you got rid of most of the banking.

You still banked to much you body ideally should be straight up and down because i doubt your going fast enough to want skeletal support. something to work on would be reaching you outside hand down(make sure you move your shoulders too) to your outski at speed.

but looks back cause your hands are way out in front like you have something to prove. For every option there is equal and opposite reaction and your hand being out in front that much makes you butt fall back.(aka breaking at the waist). remember you want to **** your turns not **** them.

Last but least and this is the tricky one you are getting you angulation not from you hip joint, or the Joint that connects your spine to the hip socket. Both IMO accepted way to angulate, But instead it appears you angulation is coming from somewhere in you spine a couple vertabreas up. aka spinal angulation. not entirely sure on the last one but video would help immensely
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mucho better.

I don't see a problem with hands, just watch out for the back seat. keep that ankle flexion.

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I'm bringing my video camera with me this weekend, if you're around I can shoot some video of you.
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Originally Posted by ssh View Post
I think the real key, though, is the jacket. It's much easier to see.

Yup, and a great target for out of controllers....its our ski instructor uniform(ahem snowboard jackets)...name of mountain witheld (figure it out yourselves)
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IMHO, if you are skiing in the bumps, your intent to be more countered is better than being rotated in the turn. With that said, I see an improvement in the second pic. Although, you need to get your butt forward up over your feet. The worst place one can be in the bumps is in the back seat. Try to get perpendicular to the terrain you are skiing in. It seems in the pics that there is too much inclination at the end of the turn in the first shot and you are better in the second, but try to square up a bit more. Hands are fine. You are making progress, keep up the good work.------Wigs
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