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April 5-9 recommendations

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I am putting together a trip with 4 skiers.
There is interest in Snowbasin, Powdermountain but I have heard that the late skiing season esp. at Pwdmtn is sketchy. If we go to SLC obviously we can go to other areas at LCC etc.

I am also considering Summit county, I have been to Vail b4 in mid april and it was pretty good. The 15 day forecast for just about anywhere isn't promising right now.:

We are also looking at Jackson Hole or Steamboat Springs.

I was hoping someone out there might have a crystal ball or a meteorology degree, or just some good old past yrs experience.

We are all 7-8 skiers.
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Never been to JH or Steamboat but I hear both are not very good spring mountains. JH closing date is 4/8: http://jacksonhole.com/ae.events.asp...007&filter=all

I would do a search on the word April on this forum and you will find LOTS of good info. Tony Crocker has a good site that also has some good spring recommendations with year to year month by month reporting: http://webpages.charter.net/tcrocker818/snowrpts.htm

I am trying to nail down a destination for just about the same dates as yours: 4/7-4/12 and have narrowed it down to the following:

Lake Tahoe

LCC/BCC, Summit County, Banff area are three good others.
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Check out **Meet on the Hill planning,** thread called, LGC 3 (Lets Go Colorado Number 3!)
" just some good old past yrs experience." You won't find a better group of people anywhere!
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