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Saint Anton Results-Don't Read

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Congratulations to Bode. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] Only one point behind Raich.
I thought this was also a Combined (The Arlburg Kandahar) but I guess not. Too bad, that would have put him in the lead.
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: I think I would cry if Bode won the overall, it would be so freakin amazing!
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It's getting pretty exciting there near the end. If he does win it all, I hope this raises the profile of alpine racing. I'm not expecting much coverage from US sports journalism, but you can always hope.
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I liked his second run!!!
Simply faboulous.
And he looked soo calm before jumping out of the starting gate!
I was never able to be (orto look) so in control of my emotions...or so emotionless.
A side note: has anyone noticed that Reusch has made him mittens that looks like "normal" racing gloves?
I expoect to see those in the shops here in Italy next season.
After all we are "fashion" people...and the "fashion" is dictated by the winner.
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You're lucky. You got to watch it. OLN only has races on Saturday now and we only get to see about 5 or 6 racers. The rest is FLUFF. :
I wish they'd give us back the Eurosport feed. I've known Steve Porino since he was a J5 racer at Wilmot and I'm glad he's working but couldn't we see a few more racers. Also some technical events. I haven't got any current slalom and the GS coverage from Adelboden was terrible. :
They say that when Bode is sitting there in the start looking so "calm" that his heart is actually beating 200 beats per minute.
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FLUFF it is! I taped the St. Anton Downhill while watching, and even including the segment on Karl Schranz, the total worth taping was only 31 minutes. So 29 minutes was commercials and to me, worthless footage on partying in Austria and some info by Porino and Fleischer. I enjoyed OLN a whole lot more a few years ago when they showed a lot of racers. Anyway, I probably will send another e-mail complaining just like I have done every year since getting e-mail on my home computer.
Pulling for Bode, he got the break he needed by Reich not finishing yesterday. Having found a fast pair of downhills, he appears to be back capable of getting some important speed event points. Just hope the Rossi Heel Piece does not do him in.
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Yeah, they should have resurrected that GEZE double cam heel. Their "new" toe is the old GEZE "low end" unit.
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Saint Anton Results-Don't Read
Don't read??? : [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

If I didn't read it, how could I post my utter joy at seeing Bode winning the slalom and scoring points in the downhill. He may pull the overall rabbit out of the hat after all . . . . and skiing in all four events no less!
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