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breckenridge shuttle service

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I'm new to barking bears and just finding my way around the site,
I wonder if anybody could answer a few questions I'm going to breck march /17/ 07 and would like to visit Vail and beaver and keystone.
they tell me that there is a bus service any advice on it and how much hassle it is, or is car hire a better option and where's the best place to hire
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Welcome. Since no CO folks responded...to the best of my knowledge you'll need a rental car to get from Breck to Vail and Beaver Creek, believe it is about 45 min drive. Breck, Copper, Keystone and A-basin (I think) are all stops on the free Summit Shuttle, about 20 mins apart from each other. Travel from one end of the Shuttle route to the other past several stops can take 45 mins to get to your destination. Most visitors hire a car at the Denver airport and use it to make the 2 hour drive to Breck.
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Vail Express Shuttle

I just called Breck resort. They gave me this info:
Vail Express Shuttle:
Cost $20
Available M,W,F
Leaves Breck station @ 8am. Returns to Breck at 3:30.

seems like your own car may be better if you have a car full.

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thanks for the info looks like a 4+4 for me then,
I hate the bus anyway :
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search for summit stage. you should be able to get a pdf of their whole schedule.
it takes at least 45 minutes to go to any 2 ski resorts as the stage is the county bus service. it doesnt specifically cater to skiers. you almost always have to stop at frisco station instead a straight trip from breck to keystone. i've looked at it and would recommend a car.

you might take the vail shuttle,but only if you dont want to drive. its 7:30 leave and 4:30 come back.
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I agree with getting a car. I like the flexibility a car gives you when traveling.
The people I know who used the shuttle were disappointed in the amt of time it takes to get from point a to point b. You would more than likely be fine in a non four wheel drive, but if there is snow predicted..it is safer to get a 4X4.
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Having driven some of those routes before, hopefully I can offer some helpful info.

Vail Resorts Express - 970-496-4FUN $20 rt Operates M,W,F only thru March
  • depart 7:30a River Run, Keystone
  • depart 8:00a Breck Station
  • arrive 9:00a approx. Vail Village prkg structure
  • depart 3:30p VV prkg structure
ECO Transit - 970-328-3520 ext. 1. $5 each way Daily svc. I would agree that riding the shuttle to Vail does take some stress out of the equation but you need to mind the time as there is only 1 bus back to Summit County (unless you take the Greyhound back from Vail which only stops at Frisco where you would hop on the free Summit Stage routes). Note: Parking in the Vail prkg structures will usually run $14-$20 daily where parking at Beaver Creek lots are free. There should be two rental car companies in Summit County last time I checked, Enterprise and Hertz. Rates tend to be a bit more affordable at the airport than in the high country, IME.

Summit Stage - Swan Mtn Flyer route 970-668-0999 Free daily winter svc. \ Hope this helps with your visit.
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