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Advice on skis I should consider

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Hey all,

I am 35, 6'1" 215 athletic and a good skier. I have been reading through the forums and see the 1-10 scale, but am not familiar with it enough to put myself on that scale accurately but my best guess would be a 7 or 8. I ski mostly back side, crud, powder and try to stay off the groomers unless I am teaching the kids. Currently skiing an Atomic 10:ex (191cm)

My dillema: Because of the type of skiing that I enjoy, and my size, I tend to like the more beefy skis. I had surgery on my left leg a couple years ago though and it is just not the same. I think I need to go to something a little softer and shorter. A little more forgiving. I am also ending up in the park a little bit with the kids. Not ever going to do much there, but would be fun to be able to ( and I just hit the SuperPipe at Tamarack Resort and that was a blast on some rental B3's (178 I think ). The B3s I was not real impressed with, I think because they were so soft. It was a HUGE powder day too, with well over 4 feet of snow during the week before I went. I was wishing I had just strapped on my Atomics except in the pipe.

Well, probably more than you all want to know. If anybody has any recommendations for some skis that I should look into, I would appreciate it. The Volkl Karma? twin tips sounded interesting. I just don't want to buy something that is not going to fit my style and I have not really kept up on the skis the last 3-4 years like I used to.

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Have you considered staying with the same skis, but doing some strength training with your legs so that you can ski the beefier skis...? Like you said.. the B3s were too soft for you...

You didn't mention what the nature of your injury is... care to ellaborate?
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I am your weight but a little taller and older. I have been skiing 191 10EXs and their successor the R:EX in a 184 length. Like you I enjoy the heft of that ski. Just picked up some brand new last year's Metron M:EXs (the next in the same line) in a 185 length (the longest they make) with Neox bindings and wide brakes on e-bay for $399 plus $20 shipping. Original full retail on the setup was $1,150. The skis have mounting rails and you can put the bindings on yourself. The M:EXs have the same 84 mm waist as the 10EXs but are slightly wider in the tip and tail and maybe just a tad bit softer. They have pretty much the same crud busting and beef factor, but they turn a little more easily. The tails turn up slightly but they are by no means a twin-tip.

The selling compay was SnowDealsNOW and they just sell the stuff, no biding. I believe they are selling more, so if you just search e-bay for "Atomic M:EX" you should find them. I had mine in just 4 days with the plastic still on them.
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Try the elan 777...similar ski as the R:ex/10:ex except a bit softer and damper...184 or 192 depending on your preference (they run short, so I hear)

Karma or Public Enemy would be good but I would think their largest sizes (185 & 179, repectively) would crumble under your...er...girth

Perhaps you should look at something a bit wider though to smooth out that variable & deeper snow...the 189 K2 Seth comes to mind...it's an easy ski with a high top end that handles chop and crud awesome (& twin so it skis a bit shorter).

btw - I have a 191 10:ex that's become my new/old go to ski for hard days and bumps...friggin love it.
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More info

Nature of injury: Well, blew out my knee way back. I have no ACL on my left leg and it has been that way for a while. It was bothering me so went to have it looked at and the MRI indicated some kind of infection in the bone, weird, since it was never operated on or opened up. Ended up being a staff infection in my femur right down by my knee. They had to drill a big hole through my femur, scoop everything out and fill it with antibiotic pellets. I have strengthened it, but I think my lack of ACL and the surgery has combined to just make it susceptible to injury. My Doc has said that I WILL have to have a knee replacement surgery at some time. Just depends on how long I can handle the pain. So the surgery didn't do anything for my bad knee and it has actually felt worse since, but I guess that is better than an amputation from a staff infection.
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Demo the Stockli Laser Cross (not the Cross Pro). It should be substantial enough for your size and ability, but forgiving enough to easily release a turn and not feel like a race ski.
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