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Gotama demos in Tahoe?

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When I am out in Tahoe next week, I wanted to finally try out the Gotama in a 183. Does anybody know any shops around the South Lake area that have these bad boys available for demo still? Also, any advice on shops in Tahoe that may have decent demos for sale, not necessarily only the Gotama, as I am always keeping my eyes peeled for good deals on lightly used boards.
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i've found that most of the shops in SLT WILL NOT demo "twin tips" of any kind.

as for shops that demo, you've got Sports LTD, House of Ski, Tahoe Boot N Bike Works (in the gondola village right next to the ice rink). There might be a few others, but those are the shops I've demoed from before.

at any rate, I don't think you're going to have much luck finding Goats for demo anywhere (over on the North Shore they weren't demoing fat skis or twins because the snow coverage at the beginning of the season was so sparse and they know folks are wanting to take those bad boys off-piste).
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Tahoe Sports LTD is your best bet. I can't say I've seen the Gots at Tahoe Boot N Bike Works but you may be able to wrestle their 888's away from them (they've got a Magma too!). Never been to House of Ski. Call any one of them and they may be able to point you in the right direction.
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Come to think of it the only Twin Tips I've seen for demo is Atuas at the rental shop @ Gunbarrel in Heavenly. And they only let those go out when there's snow.
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If you do make it to North Shore try Granite Chief in Truckee, also the Squaw shop.
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well, given the forecast for next week, I don't think fattie twins will be an issue any more. Although a Spatula could be used to waterski on the lake in a pinch i guess.
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indeed it could, though the Goode Scoop might be a better choice considering that water skis are their forte.

truthfully (and really sorry to burst your bubble) i think you're going to have a b!tch of a time finding any shops willing to demo you some twins of any kind.

best bet will be Porters Tahoe City out of all the shops.

i know from experience that the SLT shops will not demo fats or twins and Granite Chief didn't have any twins for demo earlier and whenever I have called back they are rather vague about what they do have.

Dave's in Truckee and TC might have some, but i haven't demoed from them in awhile (btw, I was valiantly trying to demo the Rossi Scratch BC and came up empty other than one shop in Breckinridge!)
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