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cable lock?

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In my 20+ years of skiing, this season will be the first season where I'm skiing the latest, current model skis and bindings. Where I used to proudly toss my beat-up boards in the front of the rack at lunchtime and watch my paranoid friends split skis up and try to hide them from would-be thieves, I now think I'll need some security.

I'll use the ski-checks when available but would like something to use when they aren't convenient or in places that don't have them.

Anyone have any suggestions for a good, easy to use cable-type lock? I don't ski with a pack so it would have to be something that easily fits in a pocket. Thanks in advance.
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I've used one from Kryptonite that has a retractable cable, so it's very compact. Fits in a shirt pocket.
Here's a link... http://www.altrec.com/shop/detail/5262/4

If you're truly paranoid, you'll want a permanent cable attachment on your sticks. http://www.skiandboardlock.com/

That said, most of the time we just split the skis up outside the lodge on the rare days we go inside.
Splitting skis doesn't really help fight the serious thieves, just the amateurs. The pros just grab whatever's convenient and head off to the lot. I recall reading about a thief who had over a hundred unmatched skis in his garage along with the dozens of pairs waiting to be fenced.

"Remember. It's not paranoia if the ARE out to get you."
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Most of the commercial cable locks I've examined have too big an end to pass through the tiny spaces available on modern bindings and/or are bulky to carry.

A friend of mine made himself and his spouse some cable theft deterrents from fine stainless steel cable he got at the hardware and a small padlock. He had the hardware store create small loops at each end with those crimp-on cable fixtures so he could put the padlock hasp through. He picked a length and heft of cable that lets him double up the middle and insert that part through some small space in his bindings so that he can bring the loops around something like a ski rack and insert the padlock. The cable winds up into a light weight for a parka pocket or can go around his waist.
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I tried the retractable locks and had a couple of them screw up on me in the midst of a heavy snow storm. That retractable thing is a real good thing but it is just something else for the cold weather to foul up. --- I did find a small coiled cable lock that was advertised as a bicycle helmet lock that works real good. It coils up to about palm size, and the built-in combination lock is tapered and cylindrincal so it slips through most narrow spaces easily. .. I think most good bicycle shops would probably have one.
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Used Kryptonite locks for several years. They work well, are compact and reliable. Kryptonites seem to be much better built and smoother-retracting than others that look similar. I think you'll like it.
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