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Dynastar 4800's Length

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Hi all,

I know lots of people ask this type of question, but I will chime in in case anyone wants to put forth an opinion.

I just bought a pair of Dynastar 4800 Legends in the 172cm length.

I am 5'9 and 165lbs. I am a lifeling skier, in my late 20s, but ski only about once a year. I am level 2, usually sticking to groomed trails, hard blue or easier black runs. I am taking these up to Killington this week. I assume I will also use them out west a bit too, next year or whenever.

Do you think I got a good length? I though perhaps I should get a 165cm, but they were, in fact, sold out of them at the shop and since I was deciding between the two sizes I just grabbed the 172cm ones that they had in stock.

I should also add these are the first shaped skis I will own. I have used late 1980s Atomic ARC racing skis in a 190cm length for almost 15 years. I really enjoyed those, but as no one will work on the bindings anymore and since I am somewhat worried myself that the bindings could be unsafe now, I bought new skis.

Thanks for any thoughts.

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172's will be just fine especially when you take them off-piste. Enjoy, it should be a fun ski.
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4800s ski short and are not "hyper carvers", but rather conservatively shaped. Don't worry.
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X3. Go have fun.

Oh, and welcome to Epic, look around and don't be afraid to ask questions.
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Well here I am up at Killington. It was -8 degrees when we drove in this evening. I brought enough clothing to cover 5 people so I should be warm...or at least not freezing. Looking forward to trying out the 4800s tomorrow on the mountain.

Thanks for the thoughts everyone.

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