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skiing. the games. stuff.

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will the games be muted? can they be a beacon?

will you care MORE about skiing, or has that been shut down, too?

is it "just" skiing, or do such trivial, fun-seeking activities assume greater "meaning" in times such as these?

have you stopped thinking about turns or do you seek them even more now, to divert your attention?
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It's not going to be an easy season. One side of feels they should be called off. I don't want to see another Munich.

The SLC'ers will loose big $$$$$ though.
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All the talk here is,is that the Games will go on.There is a lot more talk about security.Thge FBI and CIA have offices here in Park City.With the resent events I feel this could be one of the safest places to be.I for one don't think they should cancel the Olympics.In a vary real way that would be a victory for the scum of the Earth terrorist.I think the best thing is to show that bastereds that they have done vary littel to hurt our county,yes life will change but it will go on.
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I think I will ski more than I planned. One person in SF was quoted on Wednesday morning as saying "I think the most patriotic thing I could do this morning was to go to work."

If we can find the strength and courage to continue with our lives, we've beaten the terrorists already. The justice, revenge, destruction, and death this nation will bring upon the people who did this would be gravy.
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I don't think we should stop doing what we do because of Hasbin Laden and others like him. If they ever try anything at a sji resort, they'll look like porcupines once we all get thru stick ski poles in them.
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Ryan I will ski this season. Will it take on greater meaning? Depends on what you mean by that. I hope that I will treasure the beauty of it, the feel of it, the camaraderie of my friends more. If that is trivial oh well.

The Olympics.. Um I think I am with Yuki on that. It would be terribly unfair to those athletes that have trained for years for that one shot but it scares me that it may result in more bloodshed.
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