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Would anyone care to suggest a good choice in all leather gloves? No flash required. 'Well made and durable without bulk is the goal. Oh, and BLACK

I have not seen much of a selection with the popularity of textiles used for most offerings.

I have tried out a Swaney glove, but I believe they are sized to a dimunitive standard. The XL is a very tight fit, and my hands are not oversize by any comparison. Room = warm for me, and if it gets cold, I wear mitts (choppers).

If I had a good "make and model, I am sure I could locate a pair on the net.

Thanks for your comments.

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Marker makes a comfortable leather glove as well as Rossignol and Scott. Reucshe also make a good one. A little pricey but good quality. I myself like Spring weight gloves as they are not bulky and gives me a better feel for the poles. Also allows me to get into my pockets among other things without taking them off. Spring weight gloves aren't warm enough for some but my hands never get cold anyhow. And if they do, it's too fricken cold to ski so I go into the lodge.
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Cal , I have been wearing swaney gloves forever and find them to be the best wearing and warm, also I have larger hands and not noticed anything close to tight in the models I've had. Check around , they make a few different designs.
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Try Reusch Nor Am. I have worn these for years, warm and comfortable and they are black. Try www.reliableracing.com or www.mprattesports.com
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If you must have leather gloves then think about motorcycle gloves. May be cheaper and more choice. I have used a pair of winter bike gloves for skiing. Decent ones will be warm enough - my fingers get far colder on the bike than they ever have skiing.

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