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Copper Mountain Trip & Pic 3-3-07

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Mrs. Don and I found unexpectedly bright and windless conditions first thing albeit cold with a temperature of -7 F at Alpine parking lot 7:30 am. The high temp for Saturday was 17 F at base (9700’) and 5 F at top (12,313’). Snow included 2” new with approximately 20” falling in 7 days supporting a 67” mid and 78” upper mountain depth. Great snow conditions with everything of consequence covered. Drive up from Highlands Ranch was quick at 1 hour 20 minutes.

PICs; Morning ritual always includes breakfast and a change of goggle lens looking out at Super Bee at 8:00 am ready for first ride at 8:30. Mrs D & D running some warm ups:
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Copper Mid-day

Super Bee Lift main drive failed and closed at about 9:00 finding us held over on Alpine’s 2 seat until 10:15 or so. With six seat Super Bee finally operating on secondary drive and lifting at 2/3 capacity (the remainder of the day) we then made up Super Bee and then over to Storm King for access to Copper Bowl skiing between Blackjack and Mountain Chief lifts. We found some really nice snow stashes protected amongst the trees. (Note that we never jumped on the Tucker Mountain Snowcat since it was always swamped and it was cold enough to rather keep moving. Unfortunate for us as the snow conditions offered via the cat looked to be the best of the season.)

PICs; A little rooster tail and playing bumper cars with some snowy pines:
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Copper eod

Captured digitally is the only time I have ever witnessed my wife with such a painful foot cramp it caused her to ditch her skis and boot…right on the slope! After a foot rub and an interesting boot “back on” experience (lol for anyone watching) she was back to skiing bliss. Drive back from Alpine lot was 1 hour and 10 ten minutes to 1-70 & C470 interchange with a start time of 3:30 pm. We had a great ski…hope you did likewise!

PICs; After lunch Betsy heads us out towards Resolution Bowl via Double Zero. Next the “Foot cramp” & finally Don heading down to the parking lot.
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Hmmm... looks like it sucked... :


...for me since I wasn't there!
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Looking GooooD! Sorry we skipped the the weekend (did Vail on Fri 3/2) Friday was also cold, got some frost bite on the face. It was also to cold to take the camera out that day. Did ski with Madmike & Paul, the Trees were GREAT & I have the branch marks on my helmet to prove it!
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