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Beginner looking for ski advice...

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I’m fairly new to this forum, and a “returning beginner” to skiing after some 20 years (been in Florida, and just relocated back to ME). I’m trying to make a decision on skis to purchase, and was hoping to get some advice on some good options...

Here are my basic stats:
  • Age: mid 30's
  • Height: 6’ 0”
  • Weight: 178lbs
  • Skill level: Beginner
  • Types of skiing: Groomed trails
  • Speed: not a speed junky...just want good control/moderate speeds...just looking to cruise around.
One of my big questions is what is too short a ski for me/my build and skill level?

I’ve rented a few times recently, and they’ve put me on 140cm (Rossi Cut & Resort Edition) skis. For me, they were great: easy to control, turn, etc. But is that too short/small a ski?

I checked out some charts on what length would fit my build, and it looked like 170cm or around there was the number to shoot for. I did try some 160cm Salomon Verse 500s, but definitely didn’t feel like I had the control that I had of the shorter ones...that could have been caused by my boot fit though...they were not that tight/good fitting that day.

Anyway, I’ve scoured eBay for a while, and found a couple pairs that looked interesting, but I’m not quite sure they would either fit my skill level or build...they are:
  • Rossignol Pro Z1 (150cm) with M-700 biotech adj bindings (Ebay Item #140090855733)
  • Volkl Energy 320 (142cm) with Salomon C509 adj bindings (Ebay item # 150096803393)
  • Atomic E Zone TL (148cm) with Salomon C509 adj bindings (Ebay item # 150096765060)
  • Rossignol Cut Stage 2 (140cm) with Salomon C509 adj bindings (Ebay item # 150091399013)
Those are just a few...but would like to see if anyone has any advice on these or other brands/models I should check out...and any particular features I should pay attention too more when searching.

Again, I'm not looking to break speed records or hit the moguls. I just want to cruise around/enjoy the day/get my ski legs back. etc...

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I am just about the same same situation as you but I bought the fischer rx6 165cm based on all the info i received from this site.

Great deal on ebay for the 170cm or the 160cm I think the skis you are looking at are way too small. i am no expert hopefully others can give you more size advice but 170 would probably be best for you.

the fischer rx6 can be used to cruise slowly or carve some turns it is like a beginner ski with a high intermediate upside.


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Even though you are a beginner, I would tend to think that at 6', 140 cm is too short for you. I would go longer.

Now is a good time to be buying, though. Best of luck with whatever you decide.
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Thanks for the input so far...yeah, I had a feeling around 140 was too small...
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These are some that I think I may check out...
  • Atomic C4 w/ Device Binding (158CM) (Ebay #150098750069)
  • Atomic IZOR 3.1 w/ Device Binding (159cm) (Ebay # 190087442476)
Being around 159cm is probably on the max low end I should go for my size, but I think they'd compare to the 160s I've tried...as far as length/feel...
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At 6', 180lbs, I think you should be on 165cm or 170cm... I am 5'9, 140lb and I ride 160s as my all mountain skis.... Since you are in the East, I'd recommend Atomic or Head (both seem to have a reputation for great edge hold on ice), Maybe try to find hte Izor 5:3.... a beginner ski isn't always a good idea, because you outgrow beginner skis quickly...

Basically, I'd go for a ski with the following characteristics

- Intermediate level
- Narrow Waist (less than 75mm)
- All-mountain

You also need boots... an awesome ski with crappy boots results in crappy skiing. Focus on getting a good set of boots first... And don't buy them online because they are cheap and pretty... go to a bootfitter and get a set that fit YOUR foot... aim for an intermediate range boot as well...
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richardmb got it right... a Fischer RX6 would be a good ski for you if you can find a good price... in a 165 or 170cm.
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each time you rent, go up a size or 2.

so if you rented 140cm skis, go up to 150, then 160, then 165, 170, 175 til you get to a length you are not comfortable with. also rent demo skis or high performance rentals when you feel ready for them. 140-150cm skis are a probably a little too short for you unless you plan to be a terrain park/half pipe/moguls junkie!

there is nothing wrong necessarily with short skis for groomed surfaces, especially in the Northeast. they make skis that can be shorter for easier control yet stiffer to be able to hold an edge at speed. Maybe out west with all the powder skiing there is a bias toward longer all mountain skis but here in the east coast, a short but not too short, quick turning ski could cover 90% of the terrain.
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short, soft, twin tips make you feel and look like a pro in the park

*Hugs his 151cm Salomon 720s*
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All great info...Thanks much!

Re: boots/hydrogen's post...yeah, I know firsthand how important that is, and how dumb it is to NOT get fitted properly...like a moron, I got antsy and purchased a couple pairs online that I thought would fit, and ALL got returned. Big waste of money and major frustration...live and learn I guess. But, I am getting fitted professionally this week for boots around the Surgarloaf USA/Kingfield area, so I'll have that end covered.
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