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06-07 Mantra Sizing (East Coast)

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I'm looking to add the 06-07 Volkl Mantra to my quiver but have a question on sizing. I'm 5'10" 205 lbs and am debating between the 170 and 177. I'm 43 yrs old & have been skiing for 39 yrs, level 8-9. I haven't been able to find anywhere where I can demo Mantras in New England so I won't be able to try both sizes to make up my mind.

The 170 goes up to my nose when standing while the 177 goes to my forehead. Initially I was leaning towards the 170 as I like my skis to be able to turn quickly, especially in tight trees. I ski almost exclusively on the East Coast so I thought I should err on the side of shorter. I won't be skiing untracked pow in wide-open Western bowls so having a longer Mantra to arc big GS-type turns is worthless for me (at least in the terrain & conditions where I'd be using the Mantra on the East Coast). I like to ski steep, untracked terrain with lots of trees thrown in. Mostly, I'll use these skis at Sugarbush, MRG, Stowe, etc. when there's some fresh snow even if its chopped up crud.

But then I've heard that Mantras ski kind of short so the 177 will ski shorter than its numbers indicate. Now, I'm leaning towards the 177 since it will be my powder ski & I don't want to go too short & risk "flying over the handlebars" on powder days. Any suggestions on length if you were in my situation?
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I would go for at least 177. As you say, they ski kind of short. I'm slightly taller than you (about 6'1"/183 lbs /41 yrs) and I have the 184s which feel a bit short.
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2nd that. I'm 3 inches shorter than you and 30 lbs lighter (also ski mostly on the east coast) and I have directional twins in a 176 and definitely would not want them any shorter. I would go 177 at a minimum.
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Your weight would certainly indicate the 177 as the minimum.

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I'm 53;5'7";185lbs. I have the 06/07 in 177. I totally agree with prior posts about the 177.Anything shorter wouldn't work for you IMHO.Spent last Fri through Sun @ Wildcat in a foot of pow(Fri);super soft groomed and ungroomed(Sat am);and an additional 5" of soft fluff(Sun).The ski is fabulous on the ungroomed: glades;steeps;big and small bumps;tracked up crud.Extremely stable and lively. Has a tendency to chatter on the hardpack(no binding plate or shock absorbing mechanism); hence t he need to go longer.Also screams on wide open groomers;has a big powerful GS feel to it. The 170 would send you "overthehandlebars".
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I own the 05-06 in a 177 and I've demoed the 06-07 also in 177; I'm 165 lbs. It's agile but not especially stable at any speed. At your weight, I'd go for the 184, which I've heard is nearly as maneuverable as the 177.
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I would also steer you to the 184, but if the length makes you nervous, the 177 is you minimum...as others have already unanimously pointed out.
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im 5'10'' 170 lbs and i ski the 177 mounted back ~3cm. Theyre a bit sluggish for the trees when i get tired but still manageable. Theyre my primary western ski so my karmas see more use. For an east coast powder ski id say 177 for you so you can turn easily in the woods. Keep in mind mine are 06 and a bot softer than the 07. Theyre also a heavy ski, the 2 layers of metal dont make them a lightweight
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177cm would be min. The 184cm would be the optimal length even for East Coast. You can do the 177cm no problem, but it may feel short when you get in more open areas. If you are not an overly strong skier then yes the 177cm would be the length you would want to use, but do not consider the 170cm.

'07 Volkl Mantra
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I'm 5'11" 200- 2005 34yrs and very aggressive skier. I own the 177 Mantra and love them! I could see how the 184 would be better in crud and deep deep pow, but for everything else including bumps I think I wouldn't want anymore length. I'm an east coaster who just got back from 2 feet of utah pow with these babies and loved it and them!
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I would go 184, at your weight.
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One other thing, 7cm isn't that big a difference. Don't sweat it too much either way. Maybe on a super stiff race ski, but not this guy.
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