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Balanze vs. IZOR

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I need to help my wife choose some new skiis. I have skiied Atomics for a long time and given the good deals I find, I would like some feedback on the Balanze 9:7 vs the IZOR 7:5 (yeah, I know it's a man's ski, but I can't tell the difference on the specs. She's a pretty good skiier (skids with grace), but not real aggressive. Likes steep groomed or blue bumps, but will go anywhere. We live East, but ski mostly West. Getting older (near 60), but not slowing down too much. Just looking for something a bit more modern and easy to handle.

Her old gear was some Salomon 170s about 15 years old.
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I just bought my wife a new pair of Atomic B 9:6 skis (I believe this is last years version) in a 152 with the Diva graphic, and they are unbelievably great! Her previous skis were K2 One Luvs (about three years old, before that she had a really old pair of Olins) which were stolen in transit coming back from a pre-Christmas ski vacation in Tahoe (along with three other pairs of skis, but that is another story).

Anyhow, she absolutely loves these skis. They have more sidecut (117-66-94) than the older one luvs, turn better for her, give her much more confidence, and she is MUCH FASTER on these skis. We used to have to wait for her at the bottom, now she is (almost) right behind us. She says she feels much better on these skis than on any other pair she has had. Plus she likes the Diva graphics!

Best of all, I picked them up for $195 (off Ebay) including Device 259 bindings. Shipping was $40.00 and binding check was $25.00. A fantastic ski for $260.00.

Highly recommended!
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