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An old, matronly widow, who was a major benefactor of her community's hospital, was there to tour the facilities with the new hospital director to make sure her contributions were being used well.

As they walked down a hallway in one of the wards, the woman couldn't help but notice that there was a man in the room, laying on his hospital bed masturbating furiously.

"Oh my Lord," she exclaimed, "what is that man doing?"

"Ma'am," the director fidgeted somewhat nervously, "this may seem hard to believe, but that man has an extremely rare and dangerous condition. His testicles do not stop producing sperm, even when they are full, and if he didn't do that every fifteen minutes or so, his testicles could actually rupture."

"Well, I have never heard of such a thing," she replied, "but I'm not a doctor, and I suppose if it's for his own well being, he has no choice."

They continued past some more rooms and everything seemed to be in order. As they came to the end of the hall, however, the woman was again appalled, this time to see a man laying on his hospital bed being enthusiastically pleasured by a young, very attractive nurse.

"Well, I've never..." the woman stammered, "What exact condition is this man suffering from?!"

"Oh," replied the hospital director calmly, "same condition, better insurance."