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lucky me

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Got MRI back Friday and my pain on side of knee was just tendinitis .So Saturday we drive up and figured may as well drop of skis because i brought 2 pairs and we stop ,wife jumps out opens back of Honda Element i come around and see it opened ,I stop and out goes f*****g back.Now i tried to ski for about 2 hours but every turn was just a little painful so declared it a drinking day so all wasnt lost .Now i sit waiting for call from PT so he can manipulate lower back into place"yes i have done this before like 2 yrs ago"...Praying its better before weekend.
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You should get him to show yopu how to do it for next time. Hope it works out for you.
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He at 5'7" about 150 curled me at 220 into a ball and got it to pop back.I tried to have wife do it but its a lost cause
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Originally Posted by Bonni View Post


Spinal manipulation/adjusting is not something to play around with. Amateurs... like MD's, AT's, MT's, [most] PT's, etc., end up causing more harm than good with sloppy manipulation.

And before anybody gets their back up in a huff, "amateur" refers to "dabbling around... superficial study... doing once-in-a-while..."

A cardio-thoracic surgeon is an amateur in orthopedic surgery.

The only professionals at spinal adjusting/manipulation are..

1) Chiropractors (far and away... spinal analysis and adjustive procedures are the most comprehensive and important part of a Chiropractors training),

2) Osteopaths (but getting less and less over the past few decades. Osteopaths are becoming more "medical," and an Osteopath can go through their entire training without performing even one OMT procedure)

and lastly, 3) Some PT's who have advanced training in grade V mobilizations of the spine. I still have reservations calling PT's "professionals" at spinal adjusting, however, due to their comparative lack of diagnostic/analytical skills and knowledge of spinal anatomy/physiology/biomechanics... just like Chiropractors are amateurs at physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Everyone else is an amateur.

Improper spinal manipulation can cause sprain/strain injuries, can often "pop" the wrong side or wrong vertebral level, and sets the stage for future instability.

Just because something goes "pop" or "crack" does not mean a corrective procedure has been done. Popping an already hypermobile articulation further progresses spinal weaknesses. Temporary relief of pain from improper joint cavitation, just like taking an aspirin, may mask symptoms and discomfort, but provides nothing to support the body's healing processes... and often undermines the healing process.

Most properly applied Chiropractic adjustments don't rely on popping noises (cavitation.) For many regions and areas of the spine, a fingertip force of a few ounces, or a pound or two, is plenty to stimulate the central nervous system and the spinal muscles to self-correct a restriction or imbalance.

skidbump, my advice is to find yourself a good Chiropractor. Don't trust your spinal health and integrity to an amateur.
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Hip rotated forward and to left...some deep muscle massage and physical manipulation and back in alignment...may ski tomorrow if i wake up in good shape.Return monday for a exercise plan" joined gym on PT recommondation he actually said not to come back and just join a gym last few visit fot PT on other parts of body"
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