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Revivex or Nikwax?

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We have a bunch of gear that needs some replenishing of its DWR coating. I'm planning to use a cleaning product followed up by a wash-in DWR product. I've searched the archives and still have couple of questions for the collective:

1. Any preferences between Revivex and Nikwax products? Are they pretty much the same, or is one better than the other?

2. How many garments can I expect to treat with a single bottle of product? Can I just fill the whole washer with gear, or are there limits (aside from the washer's capacity, which is quite large in this case)?

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Hi skidiver,

I've never used Revivex, so can't compare.

I've had good luck using the Nikwax products, though I've not used the wash in. I've used the TechWash followed by spray on. They have a good site that I expect will have answers to your questions:

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I have used the Revivex Spray-on and the Nikwax wash-in. The nikwax worked better and lasted longer, but it may simply be the result of the better coverage you get from the wash-in. AsI recall, the instructions for the Nikwax were a bit confusing, and you should make sure to turn off the machine in the middle fo the cycle and let the clothing soak for a half hour before letting the cycle finish. The only doenside of the wash in is that it coats the inside of your clothing, which at first hapers breathbility until it disipates a bit.
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I've used both wash-ins, and feel they're close to the same. Don't use your washing machine though, use your tub. There's really no reason to put a load of oil into your washing machine. Wash your jacket first, get it wet and break whatever dirt you have, then transfer your wet goods to your bathtub, which should be lightly filled with water and your treatment. The more water you use for the soaking, the thinner the application. then just rinse it by hand and dry as you please. Heat will seal it better, but is not necessary.
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Also be advised that the wash in vs. spray on is specific to what type of goretex or other membrane jacket you have. By this I mean two or three layer bonded garmets. I can't remember which is which, but the wash in is not good for one type, think its' the bonded three layer style that it shouldn't be used on. I know the Nikwax stuff says what to use on what somewhere. So just pay attention to what kind of jacket you have before using a certain style of DWR.
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Quick update question: I found a store nearby that sells Nikwax stuff, so I'll probably pick some up today.

We have several gear items, some of which have goretex-like membranes. Some are also insulated. The Nikwax website (http://www.nikwax-usa.com/en-us/prod...?productid=267 ) says you can use their product on goretex, but not on garments with wicking liners.

I'm not sure exactly what qualifies as a wicking liner. Is Nikwax wash-in ok for typical insulated ski garments?
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I've used Nikwax with mixed results. The spray in type. It's okay but it seems to wear off/out after a few days in wet conditions.
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