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Heavenly/Kirkwood 3/10 - 11

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I'm headed up again this coming weekend.

Current plans are to ride Heavenly on Saturday and Kirkwood on Sunday.

If you're gonna be up that way lemme know and perhaps we can link some turns.
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I'm planning to head up on 3/10. Depending on who goes with me it'll either be Heavenly or Kirkwood, since I have passes at both but some friends do not. I'll try to push for Heavenly on Saturday so that we can link up. I have new(to me) skis (Atomic Metron 10) to try out!

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FWIW, i usually park at Boulder or Stagecoach and do the lift shuffle to Cali Gondola area and knock out a few runs there before 10/11 and then head back and stick to Stagecoach/Boulder runs for the rest of the day.
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