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Hello to all,

again turning to my fellow ski enthusiasts to share their experience with
their ski boot's insoles, or call it footbeds..

I have to replace the original insoles in my ski boots, as the ones NORDICA has placed in my ski boots are not the best in supporting my high arch and I would like to lock my foot slightly better in my boot, to limit the movement in the boot to the minimum.

Many products out there... all of them described by the manufacturers as the best you can get... the leading edge product...etc. etc.

I am turning to you, as the everyday experts of the industry to share your experience.

I did find these products:

SOLE insoles

SUREFOOT insoles


All of these manufactures have footbeds for the ski boots.
I lean towards the heat moldable ones...

I do need one which has a great arch support , but will not take too much of the space inside of the boot and still having good shock absorption.

Thanks for sharing your experience..
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Add Aline to the list:


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I've got Conform'able footbeds by Sidas in my Falcons. Lower volume than corks without the rigid arch that causes some folks problems. They're also generally less expensive than Superfeet corks.

I'd stay away from Instaprint brand footbeds. They seem to warp and distort from moisture rather easily.
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Look into the moszkito footbeds too. I really like mine.
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soles suck had them for about a year. switched to arch molds.
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soles have a very high arch and it sounds like that might work for YOU, will not work for a very flat foot well, don't mean that they are good or bad, just will suit a med to high arch better.
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I was speaking of durablity, not fit, sorry I didnt make that clear in my first post.
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why good insoles are important

I have found some info about the benefits of good footbeds/insoles.....>> zoom in to read <<

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skier and footbeds/insoles

Another illustration about the benefits of a good insole/footbed in ski boots>>

Without good Insoles
When weighted, feet collapse causing excess motion inside the boot from turn to turn. This excess motion reduces edge control and creates toe bang and ankle pain. To compensate, boots are over-tightened, which causes decreased blood circulation and cold feet.
With good Insoles
Feet are supported, stabilized and properly aligned. Edge pressure increases providing better control and balance. Comfort, fit and warmth are dramatically improved.
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Well I had better chime in on this one. Check out the web page but the technology that we have developed was invented specificaly for skiing. There are two products one that will work with any foot bed you might choose and the other will be a custom version of the same. Have a look and if you have any questions please feel free to conatact me directly.
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I have Superfeet "green" insoles. They probably aren't the best, but they are much better than stock and fairly inexpensive...
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I see your new here. First off tell us how often you ski. That will help us decide what to tell you.

If you ski a few times a year, yea get one of these cheap things your talking about.

If you ski a lot then spend the time and money and have custom foot beds made by someone close to where you normally ski. The process can take a while to get them perfect. I have been using the same set of foot beds for over 15 years. My boot fitter just moves them to my new boots and makes a few adjustments as required.
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Downunders are another very good choice in pre-made insoles for ski boots.

Whatever you get, do not get footbeds that are rigid. They must flex under your arch as you move the foot inside the boot. The degree of flexibility varies depending on your foot...this is where a very skilled bootfitter earns his pay.

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I have come across thsi forum and will take this opportunity to spout on several subjects I have read - starting with footbeds for a high arch.

I ski on Tecnica Icon with approx 3/8" behind heel with shell fit. Is fourth pair of Tecnica starting with TNT in 1990 which was fit by the Tecnica Race program director for Eastern Canada - Yves Dejardins. When standing toes just touch the end and as soon as flex they come off. Yves asked if I wanted Race Fit or Comfort Fit and being 25 at the time I chose Race fit. Have had same size in each Tecnica since then.

At the time I chose Petersen Superfeet cork based footbeds. Believe it or not I still have the same pair over 15 years later and transfer from one boot to the next. Previously I had Conformable but they did not provide the same support in my opinion. The thng about the cork based beds is that they can not collapse underfoot as the cork base prevents this. We can no longer get these here though since they are pricey.

At the time I started with my first pair of Tecnica we had a patrol leader with an extremely high arch. The Tecnica have an adjustable arch gizmo but I believe he did the same as I did and threw that out and also bought the Petersen footbeds. He was very happy with these.

Regarding the insoles that come with boots. Throw them out. They are garbage and do absolutely nothing for your skiing. As for skiing with non custom footbeds ... would you drive a car with slack steering? Boots do not fit without them.

Problems with footbeds for a flat arch or with the cork based footbeds? Volume. In my case I have been able to fasten the forefoot buckles to their absolute loosest setting in my four pairs of Tecnicas - but it is very uncomfortable as it puts pressure on the top of my forefoot nd compresses the exposed veins. I probably buckle the forefoot maybe once a year at most. Typically I ski with the forefoot buckles unfastened as the boots are extremely snug when worn in this manner and my foot touches the liner everywhere. The cuff buckles are fastened as is the powerstrap. With a high arch I would expect that you will have similar volume problems with the forefoot and may need to have extended bales on the buckles, etc ...

As for fit - I like my boots as sug as a glove. When I transmit a movement to my ski I expect that the entire movement should be transmitted to the ski rather than a lot of it lost with foot movement inside the boot. In my mind the only valid reason for boots that do not fit snugly would be if the discomfort from the fit makes it no longer possible to ski at which point performance must be sacrificed.

In another thread gizmos on skis were discussed. I had a pair of K2 Four ith the peizo electric strips (from Space Shuttle technology) and the blicking light. The light was cool when night skiing but the skis skied very well for their time. Am currently on Head Intelligence that uses a similar technology and for me it is a dream. The skis are softer when skiing slowly yeat stiffen appreciably when needed. Great skis - love them as much or more now than I did the K2 back when we all needed "Shaped" skis.


Mike Hoyt
level I examiner
former patroller
HEad on hill rep
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Thank you all

Hello, Mike...and to all in the forum

...just wanted to thank you for your post in my thread on the forum.

I did read all the replies...and even though ,the information is not consistant...I will try to get some of the higher end cork based insoles for my ski boots in the off season.. I have seen, they do sell thin versions of these, so called semi -custom footbeds, and I will further experiment with thinner and thicker versions of these.

I will finish the season with the "regular" superfeet insoles... which do provide me with a much better support of the arch and the heel stabilisation...
It is very hard to get the boots feel right...if your feet are not "regular", whatever that means... I do experiment with the boot fitting to a certain many so called "boot fiters" in the area, do give up on me with recommendation for this or that kind of a new boot to purchase.. I have three pairs so far in my "closet", two "retired" now(Technicas, by the way)...just not been able to do anything with the lack of space for my arch..the base has been "shaved",..but then other problems have been created with increasing of a volume in other areas of the boot???!!!

I got this, not a top of the line boots from NORDICA ( GTS series) and now experimenting with them...just enough space for my arch even with the regular superfeet insoles inserted. . only small adjustment on the inside of the boot shell made( I had to press out small spots on the shell to create enough space for the shape of my foot)...also inserted some foam spacers around my achilles tendons to lock the heel even better, as these are not the highest model of boots and they did not provide that "locking effect" I like, when I did use more of a racing boot, but again... I would end up with a very tight, many times painful fit, and with pressure points with all of these"racing" boots, which I cannot stand...

I wish , I had the time, money and a luck to get the right fit for me without all this headache.. but I am learning a new "trade" and my feet do feel better now in my NORDICAS
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I second the Downunder suggestion. Pete Keelty (probably the ultimate gear fanatic) spends countless hours trying different boots then tweaking and customizing them. He uses the Downunder in all his boots.
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