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Mondo Boot?

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What does it mean when someone says mondo boot. Is that a special size for that particular boot or does that mean that the boot is high volume relative to other boot, or does it mean something different all together?
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Mondo point sizing is a metric sizing system. Add the numbers together to get a conventional size (28.0 mondo is 2+8= size 10 US mens).

This is 'in theory', by that I mean you still NEED to try them on.
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Also not to be confused with slang adjective "mondo" meaning "aspiring world class", strongly tongue in cheek.
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Thanks for the help. I found some 27.5 boots that fit well after trying on about 15 pairs and then purchased them on ebay but got scared when I looked at the listing again and it said it was a "mondo" 27.5, thinking that maybe I got some boots that aren't the same size as the ones I tried on in the shop. But now I feel a lot better. Thanks
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mondo sizing came about in the late 80s as way for manufacturers to save money in molds as they saved two molds per size run
boots used to average 7-8mm per size as the old sizing was more in line with street shoe sizing now in most cases the shells go up in 10ish mm increments
the problem is/was that shoe sizing is different in the USA/Japan/Europe/Britain so mondo point killed two birds with one stone
less molds and universality (mondo=world as mentioned)
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mondo is the liner length in cm. So, a mondo 28.0 will be 11.02 inches long, a 27.0 will be 10.62 inches long. The half sizes are normally the same length, but a wider fit.
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mondo is the foot length in cm, and half sizes are usually made up for by having a thicker footbed in the .0 size and a thinner one in the .5 size to make up the "bigger/wider" foot....
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