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Dremmel Tool Use

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Trying to grind some plastic out of my heel pocket where I have a couple of spots that are pinching me. I bough a small grinding wheel for a power drill because I didn't want to spend $50 for a dremmel and thought the grinding wheel with a power drill would work OK.

I am only able the cut thin ridges with the grinding wheel into the heel cup. I thought a would be able with the diameter of the grinding wheel (1/4 inch) remove a wider section of plastic.Point out the obvious to my "tool impaired" brain. Thank you.
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A high speed cutting bit is used to remove plastic from ski boots. I'm not sure the average consumer Dremel tool has quite enough torque to keep it spinning while grinding boots, and I dont think you'll be able to manipulate a cordless drill with enough precision to get a smooth finish.

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