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wtb Old Marker bindings - MRR/Rotary heal $$

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wtb Old Marker bindings - MRR/Rotary heal $$

I need a few pairs of these for a project working on. If anyone has some of these old bindings around please post or PM me.

Thanks R.
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I hope your project doesn't involve actually skiing on them.
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Door knockers?
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Actually, all Marker heels (including step-in and non-step-in turntables) are pretty decent. It's the toepieces that are complete garbage. Back in the Dark Ages when I skied MRRs, I'd have the heels set at 11 and the toes cranked up all the way (I think it was 15 or 16).
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I am building off road skates my project continues! I most likely am going to go with Bomber clip bindings but need some releasable binding for testing. I posted a while back these skates are built on a grass ski spec. 8 air filed tires 7.5 inch clipped to ski boots.

I need the markers because they allow the boot to get right down on top of the skate/ski. Don't want to be any higher up than needed. Also the marker was a tiny footprint. Don't have much real estate to bolt them to.

www.terrablades.com <-- thats me.

The bindings I need are white with red springs, front toes are with black and white, this is the binding made in the 80s.
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Nice Phil!!
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Thats them just need the toe piece!
Thanks r.

Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
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application cont.

In the process of modeling up the bindings with next proto-type frame. Need a pair to rip down to model the internals and a couple more pairs for testing. Have not found a binding ever that gets the skiier so close to the ski, or in this case the skate.

Partially modeled binding. long ways to go still.

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Is there anyway to make it not as high and use jsut two wheels?
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its not really so bad being up a bit higher, the wide wheels and 2 foot length and strong ski boots make it feel safe. would prefer to be lower but it has been working pretty good. kind of like being on a bike. Its such a blast we use kites, ski trails and motor and electric propulsion average speed around 20mph in all of these places control is very good. It becomes normal after a while to be up a bit higher than usual. The falls can hurt but it does not seem to hurt performance much, the benifit of having the extra wheels is huge.

Drove with the gas rig 30 miles around San Diego the other day, through traffic, across desert trails and fire roads, grass, rocks, everything. Non-stop would love to drive across the US with it from Coast to Coast. It feels allot like skiing good for getting the ski legs like iron.

i tried all the two wheel skates out there (there are a bunch of skates out there) i can't turn those things so decided to make my own one that would carve.

i attached a couple pictures to reply but they need to be approved by moderator first so here is my website lots of video of us using them.

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Darn, I had a pair from the mid 80s I chucked out when I was cleaning up the shop not to long ago (I think) I'll have to check. I still have one pair mounted on some mid-80s Elans. But, I like the knocker. I think I'll keep them.
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Originally Posted by learn2turn View Post
...But, I like the knocker. I think I'll keep them.
Mount 'em on terrablades. I'm sorry I mentioned the door knocker.

I posted a thread in the free gear forum stating intent to throw out all my old skis including VR17s mounted w/ Marker M30 LTD bindings. It was a cry for help that fell on deaf ears. After the trash truck pulled away, Phil reminded me about his damn door knockers. Thanks, Phil.
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