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Utah Recommendation

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Headed to Park City/Deer Valley on Wednesday and since it looks like it is going to warm into the mid 40's. Would like to make a trip to one of the other ski areas. Which one has the best intermediate skiing? Alta,Snowbird,Snowbasin?
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snowbird isn't really great for intermediate. never been to snowbasin but from what i hear it might be the best option.
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Alta, Solitude. or Brighton.
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Snowbasin has a low base elevation- similar to DV/PC. Alta and Snowbird are known expert places, but they offer some good intermediate terrain as well.

If I were you, I would go to Brighton. They have a high base elevation at 8750, which makes a big difference. They also offer some excellent intermediate trails. It is not as overwhelming as Alta/Snowbird.
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I'd recommend Solitude...although conditions may have changed...I think you would find better snow conditions there than at Snowbasin.
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Why not Snowbasin? I thought it got alot of snow and I'd assume its big long groomers will be in fine shape? Off-piste will likely be better in LCC, which, midweek, I'd pick over BCC. If you have never been, you don't want to miss Alta or Snowbird, even as an intermediate.
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one nice things about snowbasin is that for the LCC resorts the off-piste, aka not groomed, get moguled up fairly quick, but Snowbasin off-pisted(un-groomed) esp in Strawberry can stay w/o moguls much longer and give an intermediate a chance to play explorer. unless it is mashed potatoes!
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How warm does it have to get to turn in to"mashed potatoes"?
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most slc skiers love snowbasin, nice 8x gondolas where you meet lots of interesting people, luxurious lodges, $60 lift ticket at the window, (monday), and big line terrain(except on expert john paul lift). this is a good time of the year to go. the strawberry area is unique to slc skiing, but it does start to tilt to the south and the sun can make the snow heavy, if there was recent powder. i wouldn't worry about it. maybe take one trip to snowbasin, one trip to the cottonwood canyons(scenery!) and the rest at your home base in park city. driving is easy out there.
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It got up to the mid 40's today at Snowbasin. The groomers were nice, but off-piste (with the exception of some treed, north facing John Paul areas) was dicey. Thursday night/Friday morning storm later this week could be rain at the base.
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Thanks for all the suggestions,however, I am getting pretty bummed out about the prospects for good conditions this week,highs 53-54 Saturday and Sunday!! Any ideas for cool non skiing activities? Maybe I should pack the golf clubs! I knew i should not have cancelled out on the earlier trip to Steamboat.
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There is a 60% chance of snow on Thursday, 50% Friday-Sunday with highs in the 30s in the mountains. Should be a good weekend to hit any of the ski areas. Have fun!!
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Originally Posted by wew3006 View Post
I am getting pretty bummed out about the prospects for good conditions this week,I knew i should not have cancelled out on the earlier trip to Steamboat.
You have absolutely no need to worry. Do not pack golf clubs!(silly). Ski a day at Park City and if the conditions are starting to get slushy simply to any of the cottonwood resorts 1 hr away, easy drive unless it is snowing, and the conditions will be just fine at those 4 resorts if not great. Also when you are skiing Park City resorts look for runs on the top portion of the mtn for better conditions, but likely it'll be just fine for intermediates, everywhere, including Snowbasin.

Mid 40's forecast for Park City will mean mid 30's on the top runs, perfect.
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Thanks, I feel better now. Just kidding about the golf clubs,we play all year in Alabama.
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Alta should not be missed. Check
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head over to snowbird and you can catch some of the US Freeskiing Nationals
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