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MRG Lodging?

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The wife and I are heading up to Mad River Glen/Sugarbush area next weekend. (Racing at Middlebury on Saturday, skiing MRG on Sunday.)

It's our first time to MRG. I can't wait to experience it, she's a little nervous... "Ski It If You Can" and all.

Normally, we stay at our ski club lodge near Killington, but are considering staying closer to MRG to save on driving time.

Does anyone know of any decent lodging in the area?
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The Barn at Mad River. It isn't the prettiest of places but it is dripping with nastagia. It is owned by Betsy Pratt, the former owner of MRG. Craig and Vicky pretty much run the place and are the nicest people you could want to meet. Besty does also offer discount tickets for the mountain.
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The Millbrook. The owners are wonderful people and co-op members. I think Tom is the best chef in the valley, and Joan makes the best bread and desserts. Rooms were ~150 (last year) and the price includes breakfast and dinner which really is on the gourmet level. Tom always has some Indian dishes on the menu. He sure learned alot from his time in the Peace Corps!

Joan really helped my wife get over that Ski It If You Can willies, by the way.
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If your looking for something decent but not as expensive as the Millbrook Inn, Mad River Barn works, the wife and I got married there, but it's abit rustic. Another option pretty close is the Hyde-Away. The Weathertop is a very nice place but might be more inline pricewise with the Millbrook. Unless you like to party I would stay away from the Garrison.

The Millbrook has a much deserved rep for the most intimate and romantic dining experience...got alot of points from the wife for having dinner there. Contact info for these and others can be easily obtained from this website. www.madrivervalley.com
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All good recommendations, remember this weekend is NATO TeleFest weekend so the mountain will be full of crazed telemarkers. If your there Sunday it shouldn't be to bad.
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